PvP "Mode > Easy's" Debut in an Un-engineered PVP Tournament.



💀 I was invited to take part in Oblivion Fleet's Un-engineered PVP tournament. 💀
The requirements were the following:

Competent crew mates, Only
Medium pad ships, Only
Basic Synths, Only
To the Death, or an Agreed upon Hull Percentage.
All fights are 1v1s.
(IE: what most actual PVP tournaments should look like.) Take Notes META pilots.

GG's go out to all CMDRs who took part and competed in this tournament.
Special thanks go out to the following CMDR's as well as an Extra Special Thanks to Oblivion Fleet for hosting:
Toli Esekvar
Shifter Zero
Thanks for being excellent opponents and wonderful sports!
Take Notes META pilots.

Fly safe out there!
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