Modern Street Fox Coffee

Hello everybody,

I decided to give the new glass pieces a go and create a nice looking and functional modern building. I think it turned out ok.

This modern Street Fox Coffee has two coffee shops inside and one staff building hidden behind the staff door. It features a full interior with some high tables and stools next to the windows, perfect for people watching. Or if you just want to relax and enjoy your coffee, there are also a couple of lounge chairs and sofa's for you to relax in. But if the weather is good you might prefer to sit outside on the terrace on one of the picnic tables.

Some pictures:

Front view of the building:

The side view:

The inside as seen from the entrance:

Night view of the building:

The inside at night:

Overview of the building:

The building also has build-in barriers so peeps don't walk through walls or scenery, which makes putting the paths down super easy: just start a grid at the shop furthest from the door and place paths underneath the building and terrace and you're done! No need to worry about walls or anything, just create a big plaza.

It's available on the workshop here:
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That looks like a great place to get some Street Fox Coffee :)

Thanks for sharing!
I had so much fun creating this shop, I decided to create another one in the same style. This time I wanted to create a shop that was a little bit lower so you can place some trees around it and they will stick out above the shop. I also wanted to incorporate a toilet instead of a staff room. So this is what I came up with, a modern juice bar:

This modern juice bar has two Pipshot Juice shops inside and two toilets. It features a full interior with some relaxing couches and a lot of boots, ideal for serving a lot of peeps at once. The building features the bright green of the Pipshot shops as accent color and has a full length glass wall, ideal for people watching.

Some images:

Front view:

Side view:

Interior view:

The toilets:

Front view at night:

Side view at night:

And as a bonus, the toilets at night because to me it looks exactly like a toilet in a themepark after dark:

Workshop link for those interested:



Two great buildings.

I love the attention to detail - the way the "Free Refills" only go part way up the container. It would've been all too easy to make them all 1 colour but you didn't. I love seeing details like that.

I shall download these from the workshop and give you a [up] at the same time!
Two excellent buildings and well designed. Nice to see someone designing usable, theme park specific buildings and not ships in bottles. Well done.
I just can say: Wow! Great work. [up]
Both buildings are great, but if I had the choose, I'd take the first one. But it's just because I love coffee ;)
These are great, especially the coffee shop. It's so well designed. It's so nice to see well scaled, believable and useful buildings for our parks.
Keep 'em coming [up]
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