Mods for Console

I want there to be mods for Jurassic World Evolution not just on pc but for Xbox one and PS4. Bethesda made mods available for console for Fallout 4 so why don't you.
There is no mods on any platform currently and I don't think Frontier will give us mods because the KNOW the first thing the community will do is do the skins for the dinosaurs. They are not adding modding because Universal will not be happy. I don't even want mods in Evolution anyway because the game doesn't really need mods. Either Frontier is waiting until the time is right or they will not be giving the community modding. I don't want to put it soo harsh to Frontier but I also think that they think that the community could be better with animations and skins. Although people really want a lot of fixes now you all have to remember that Frontier is a bunch of people with actual lives! They don't want to be stuck in front of a screen 24/7 trying to fix the game. Also not forget that Frontier is also working on many other games not just Evolution.
Mod support for this game won't happen because Universal doesn't want proprietary assets freely available for use and editing. It's as simple as that, go bug Universal because Frontier honestly has no say in the matter.
I think mods should be made available once they stop updating the game. At that point anyone buying the dlc will probably already have done it so there’s not much monetary advantage in preventing modding. At that point there may even be a JWE 2 so again there isn’t much point in preventing mods after that. I understand why modding isn’t available now but hope it will be in the future
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