Modular Park Entrance

Im assuming that there will be modular park entrances, but I thought I would bring it up since I haven't seen anything on this. Im not sure if they have confirmed this or not, but I want to be able to create a park entrance. Maybe have the little stalls for the park entrance just like the food stalls, then you could build around that.

Also when creating a scenario it would be good to be able to mod the front entrance. I assume we will be able to create scenarios.
I think awhile back they (Frontier) said we could create our own custom entrances once the game is released, but I could be wrong. I follow them on FB and Twitter and remember seeing photos posted of some custom entrances.

Something I'd like to add to your idea al72094... our park entrances and exits would look even more realistic if they gave us the ability to build park ticket offices with entry and exit queues to the park. We could even have a FastPass queue to the park entrance gate so guests who have fast passes/season passes have unlimited access to the park without the long entry queues you see at all major parks. And we definitely need turnstyles.

I really hope we can have the ability to create gift shops rather than standalone stalls to build around. I want to have the option to have my park exit path flow into a large park emporium to make extra profit before guests leave the park for the day.
I think that is an excellent idea. All parks have an entrance and an exit. Instead of an entrance/exit as the same thing. I would definitely believe that modular park entrances would be confirmed, I just haven't seen anything on that yet. Love the entrance exit idea!
You create your own entrance. I think you can more the one spawn point too. You could put the entrance in the middle of the park.
That would be great. It would have to connect to the map edge. I can't remember if RCT would let you do this but I hope Planet Coaster lets you spawn them wherever.
In RCT3 after the Soaked expansion, you could create a mountain in the center of your park and have the spawn point inside the mountain with a path leading out to the entrance. Of course, this was done in the custom scenerio that you made.
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