Modular Ride Theming

So I got this idea after looking at some of the concept art that showed the artist's multiple concepts for ride vehicles and styles (like the one that showed multiple mine-train vehicle concepts and another that showed the spinning ride with the fantasy witch queen at the center.)

What if flat rides could have swappable parts? This would allow the developers to create a single ride that could be themed many different ways. If I want some spinning flat ride in my spooky area, I just swap in a "spooky"-themed ride vehicle. I could then use the same ride over in my space-themed area by swapping in a "space"-themed ride vehicle. This would really enhance our themed areas while making more use of the finite number of rides in the game.

Also, what if there were "attach-points" on the rides that would allow us to customize the look of the rides with themed decorations? For example, you could decorate the arms of a spinning flat ride, by attaching themed decorations like glowing stars for your space-themed area or magic wands for your fantasy-themed area.

The final idea would be that there might be a fully-themed ride (say space-themed, for example), that you would be able to enable or disable certain decorations on it to create a custom look. (I'm thinking of the concept art for the flat ride with the brain at the center ( When I look at that image, I want ALL of the options they drew on that page. It would just be a matter of swapping in and out the various parts.)

Maybe this is what the developers have already planned and what they have hinted at in the concept art? I hope so, because it seems like a natural extension to what has already been shown with scenery and custom buildings. It would also have the added benefit of providing much more variety without having to create as many individual rides. Essentially one ride could become many rides.
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I think this is already a thing, as seen from the concept art they released. In case you can't read it, the scribbling says the witch figure on top of the ride can be used elsewhere.
I hope they are thinking what I'm thinking, have a plain, barebone base ride topped with different objects and props for different variations of the ride, like icing and cherries on a cake.

I think it's already a thing, judging from this artwork they released. Somewhere in the scribblings they mentioned the witch object is usable elsewhere and is a separate object.
I hope they are thinking what I'm thinking, have a barebone unthemed ride topped with different props and objects for different variants, like cherries on a cake.

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