Module Priorities

Ok, so first Dev's you guys are on a roll with the modules fix. Things are looking better but the priorities are still a very serious issue. You can set them, rather difficult but it can be done. The only problem is when you land or change ships, use SRV or fighter they are reset to whatever screwed up way they want when you reenter vehicle or ship. The same is for the SRV and fighters.
Good job on the current glitches, but I hope you can remember to fix the module priorities next please.
Keep up the good work guys....o7
Hello commanders,
I am having weird trouble with setting module priorities... When I am trying to change a module priority, multiple modules (multiple lines in the list) also change...
I this some new feature or is this a bug? In the end I was unable to set the priorities to my liking :(

Thank you for answer, Karlos
This is a known bug.

Other module priorities aren't actually changing, just the display is. You can see what the true settings are by scrolling through the list of modules until it loops around.

It's really annoying, especially if you need to manage modules in combat, but hardly gamebreaking in most other situations.
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