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modules keep disappearing

Time of occurrence
12:21 am cst


HR 1183


Ship Type

This is the second time since the update I have lost modules in storage. I just took my fully engineered shield booster modules out of my orca and put them into storage while my dbs/dbx/i eagle was being shipped down here and I logged off , logged back on and theyre missing. Nowhere to be found.

Steps to Reproduce
Checked every where ... rebooted game etc.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member

Thanks for the report and sorry for the frustration.

How many modules do you currently have stored?

Can you please provide a screenshot of your stored modules to assist in this investigation.
They told me that I have 149 stored modules currently (minus the 7 count now total I have lost ) and they informed me that max storage was 120. I have to sell of 29 of my maxed out engineered modules that are important so , that when I do go to store a module I will not lose it . Why is your game making me lose modules to begin with ? Do you guys know HOW MUCH TIME it takes to engineer these things , gather the material etc...? I play the game for entertainment and fun , thats what it supposed to be designed for , do you guys think this is fun? I keep asking your customer care guys when I go to sale this stuff how they are going to re imberse me for the loss , and I get absolutely no response. That's a deal breaker there, honestly I should be getting alot more out of this due to the effort I have taken on my end because of the defective product you guys have , and for the time I am going to have to spend to fix everything . Again , that's not very encouraging to make me want to play the game . I told them I would create a list of the 29 modules sold , I already submitted the list of mats from the lost weapons on the first ticket...the second one where I lost my shield boosters from the orca , I use on my vette also , and right now my vette is the only way i have to make credits, and even that is bogged down by some 70 mil bounty that somehow converted over to all independent systems after the update, before I could dock at independent systems. So you see , my hands are really tied here , it feels like i am being squeezed out of a game that I play so much.
Here is a list of my lost / sold modules so you guys can either replace them or give me back the materials needed since they were engineered. Thanks for your time.
sheild booster heavy duty grade 5 with thermo block
shield booster heavy duty grade 5 with thermo block
shield booster resist augmented with thermo block grade 5
shield booster resist augmented with thermo block grade 5
pacifier fragment cannon over charged grade 5 with screening shell
fragment cannon rapid fire grade 5 with drag munitions
3A missile *seeker with rapid fire grade 5 with drag munitions
2A seeker missile rapid fire
enzyme missile rack
2 remote release launchers
3d fsd grade five with fast boot sequence *went on i eagle
3c prospect controller
1e cannon gimballed with rapid fire thermal cascade grade five
2 multicannons medium gimballed running effecient
3a life support light weight grade five
2b missile rack light weight with fsd interrupt
packhound (s)
4a shield generator enhanced low power grade 4
another/3A seeker w/ rapid fire // 3A seeker w/lightweight both grade two
2a fsd interupt with long range grade three
4a refinery
5a powerplant low emissions grade three
6a powerplant low emissions also grade three
3a beam laser gimballed running grade 3 effecient thermal conduit
4a plasma accelerator grade two overcharged w/thermal conduit
one .c. detailed surface scanner with long range .....

I think there is probably more but I am tired , got home from work and had to compile this list together and didn't have time to do much playing , Hopefully this works out , thanks again guys I look foward to being able to function again in the game , without the mats or products I had built here , as of now my vette and fdl are parked renderless. thanks
Here this morning I get a response quote : Hi Daniel,

Thank you for getting back to us. Unfortunately it is not possible to replace these modules that have been sold. As you received the appropriate credits for each sale we're unable to grant you additional materials for engineer rolls.

I'm sorry to disappoint and I understand this wasn't the outcome you were hoping for.

As we are unable to assist any further with this particular issue I'll close this ticket now. If you need anything else please don't hesitate to open up a new one.


CMDR Tronador
Elite Dangerous Customer Support Wing

end quote .
This is unnacceptable. I will post this on elite dangerous facebook page , and continue pursing this, It is not my fault your guys game is broke , and you request that I sell my hard earned modules that are engineered to just simply loose them . I have not recieved the materials I lost for the boosters or the weapons either via the original ticket. YOU guys want me to quit the game ?
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