Moment for Thanks

While I admit that I, as well as everyone else, has been giving FD a sandwich in terms of reception for a number of mechanics newly implemented in Beyond, I would like to take a moment to do the reverse.

There is no other game that comes close to achieving the sense of scale that Elite Dangerous does. It's not really an integral part I knew I would ever appreciate until I first played Dayz (the mod of course) but ED has an undeniable beauty, first literally with the amazing new textures and sounds, and also with the absolutely massive scale that really makes you feel tiny. I can honestly say that memorizing main sequence star classes is not something I would ever think I'd enjoy or need, and yet I've done it passively playing elite.
It is of course a mirror of our own galaxy, and that fact alone forces you to appreciate just how... big space is out there while jumping around or buzzing the station in super cruise.

The Galaxy feels alive. Now with the ever closer threat of the Klaxians and Oresrians, it actually feels like the bubble is becoming a smaller, more crowded place. I feel compelled to move from empire space to join the frontlines and protect the silly alliance turds from their own attempts at befriending a species that was wiping out civilizations since before the code of hamurabi was written

Even with some recent implementation scandals, FD has and will continue to do a fine job, and I'll happily spend my time and money on this work of art. o7 Commanders.
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