Monthly Catch Up

Chante Goodman

Community Manager
Hey there, coaster pals!

Welcome to the first Planet Coaster monthly catch-up! We will be looking back on the awesome January we had with you all, picking out our favourite moments and showing off some great community blueprints!


We celebrated Frontier's 25th Anniversary with you all! You all joined forces and worked vigilantly to beat the community goal we set you and your efforts were rewarded with the F25!

This coaster was designed with our brilliant community in mind. You may recognise the inspiration behind it! The F25 is a B&M sitdown coaster with a drive tyre launch! Congratulations on beating our community goal!

We also hosted our Sub-Zero Super Parks competition! This competition started in December and lasted throughout January! We asked you to send us your winter-themed parks and we had so many awesome entries to look through.

Our latest Wednesday evening livestream, found here, showcased our four favourites and we left it to the community to decide on who the winner was.

Congratulations Anigmandra!

Community Favourites:

Our coaster friends are some of the most creative people in the world! We would like to showcase some of the incredible creations you have shared with us over the last month!

Here are some of our personal favourites:

Mine Twister created by zanatubelmont

This coaster, recently featured across the Planet Coaster social channels, has over 600 subscribers and it's not hard to see why! This coaster features the Adventure and Studio packs and you can find it on the Steam Workshop!

Tangaroa Mountain and the Adventure Tour created by Andre G

This extraordinary screenshot was shared on the Planet Coaster Discord by Andre G! It's worth keeping an eye on Andre's posts, as they always have magnificent screenshots ready to share!

u/w8erbahn posted this on Reddit

This screenshot looks so realistic, many people thought it was a real-life photo! Posted on Reddit, this screenshot by u/w8erbahn shows a highly detailed park which basks in it's realism.

Cyclone by Cosmic Cow

This wooden rollercoaster is designed to be realistic and smooth. Cyclone has a high excitement level that your guests will love and it won't make them nauseous. What more could you want from a coaster?

Our favourite Thememaker's Toolkit item of the month is the Expanding Hallway, created by Pixelated!

We think our Planet Coaster community will get a lot of use out of this item, especially for tracked rides. We can't wait to see what Pixelated does next!

Creator spotlights:

We are enjoying the newest Let's play series from Geekism and MaskedBandit, named Uzuri Gardens! We love seeing collaborations in the community and this series looks like it's shaping up to be a great one! Check out the first video here:

And here's another amazing channel for you to follow: PandaLeaf is a Twitch streamer who streams twice a week and has been working on a panda-themed Planet Coaster park! It's definitely worth checking out and we think it would be awesome if you showed her your support!

Favourite videos and clips:

Community Managers Chanté and Steggs highly anticipated what would happen after Chanté accidentally pressed autocomplete when building a Torque coaster on stream.
You can find out when to catch the streams by checking out the streaming schedules!

YouTuber Ollie43 recently shared a video titled 'I created two Roller Coasters that would literally destroy you in Planet Coaster' and we think it is definitely worthy of a watch!

Favourite forum topics:

We loved hearing about your favourite memory of Frontier Developments! This thread made a lot of us here at Frontier happy and inspired!

If you'd like to meet other people from the Planet Coaster community, please have a lot at the Community Meeting Efteling 2019 thread! It's a great way to make new friends with shared interests, as well as having a great day out!

That's just some of our favourite things from January! We have been amazed at what people have been creating and sharing, especially Thememaker's Toolkit items! It's so cool seeing what people create! Keep sharing your creations and please feel free to send them in to us at Frontier using the email:

Here's to January!

- Chanté [yesnod][heart]


Volunteer Moderator
Hey, this looks like a very nice way to catch up on things that happened around Planet Coaster in the past month. Nice work, Chanté & community team! :)
I really like this idea. I hope this will continue. It is a great way to see what happened in the previous month.
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