Moon landing

Oh wow. I bet FD have never thought of that.

You do realise that Mars is now an Earthlike planet?
How many of those can we land on now?

And the Moon may as well be too, as it's mostly covered in city.
It would indeed. But I suspect that landing on Earthlikes is at least a couple of years away. Planets such as Earth and Mars are likely to be even further away, as there will be a lot of work to get it right. I wouldn't like to see Earth as just another procedurally generated planet
I'd settle for Lave 2.

I spent quite a bit of time there before it got locked out. Never did find his hide out.
Being able to land on the moon and mars with some real mapping would be cool.
Notwithstanding the whole "Luna is now covered in cities" thing, I'd love to see this :)

Maybe there would be the Apollo sites with original artifacts to visit as tourist sites. Or more obscurely, remnants of ancient probes like Lunokhod, Ranger, etc, to find. Not to mention the coolness of settling down into Tsiolkovsky crater on the Far Side just to say you've done it.
It's permit locked? Probably because someone dug up some large slab of something in Tycho, and they don't want anyone going near it ;)
I remember that Fdev said they had something special planned for the moon.. think that was said just after or around Horizons launch.
Who knows though what will happen.

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