More capital ship movement, interactions with the game.

1. Just like in the video I have linked below, the capital ship can request assistance to help fight the opposing force and you can either accept or decline the distress call. Like the galnet that reads news and updates to you in your ship that they plan on releasing in the beyond update. This one would just be a small message that plays when you enter or fly near a conflict zone with a capital ship.


2. I would also like it if capital ships would move around a little bit. Not like fly around each other like you do when in normal combat but, instead have them at odd angles, not just side by side all the time. Have them at different elevations maybe tipped a little. Anyway kind of hard to explain this one but I hope you get the gist of it.

3. This one is a long shot and it would be for everyone just something that I think could make the game a bit more realistic, have an option to enable voice commands such as accept, deploy fighters, fire missiles etc.
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