More love for the Hauler?

Hi there,

if you’ve ever wondered about, why someone love the Hauler...
Whether it’s a hippie haven, mining work machine, explorer, taxi, smuggler, transporter,
the Hauler has been the star of so many dramas and ‘on the road’ adventures.
Most of us growed up with it, also i read that more than 37% of the players have most fun with small ships.
Now its the time to give the Hauler more love. What do you think?

About my ideas:

1. Reduce the size of Hauler min 30%, because Adder and Hauler have the same size.
> Adder max cargo 26T + medium(4T) and 2 small(2x2T) Hardpoints + Hull 35T.
> Hauler max cargo 22T + small(2T) Hardpoint + Hull 14T.

2. Change the small hardpoint under the floor into a medium on the roof, like the Adder has.
Because to make the Hauler more usable for powerplay weapons.
> The position between the upper Wings should be good, you can shoot backwards during you flee away.

3. Change the cockpit roof into a window, because i'd like to see what my new class 2 turret aims.
> I think this should be not too much work for the designer.

Good flight, Commanders...


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