More marketing campaigns & package deals

My hope is for more options with regards to 'Marketing Deals', though I loved RCT3, there was not a great deal of options to choose from. I'm hoping they can introduce to Planet Coaster options to advertise on Social Media or Sponsor TV Program, Local/League Football Team, a product (ie, Alton Towers often team up with Kellogg's cereal boxes with vouchers) etc. Even the ability to offer discounts to large groups/schools.

With 'Package Deals' my ideas would be:

  • Create an 'Unlimited Queue Jump' ticket price at the entrance and/or have the option to buy 5-10 ride queue jump passes from the 'information kiosks' like Alton Towers do - Adding extra income.
  • Half price entry the next day (For previous day visitors)
  • Include a package deal in conjunction with park hotel (if added to the game) - (ie. Stay 2 nights & get the 3rd free)
  • Cheaper online ticket price (peeps get a percentage off if they pre-book their tickets online)
Just a short list of random suggestions, what do you guys think?
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