ANNOUNCEMENT More New Moderators - Psykokow and JohnStabler

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On a more personal note regarding what's ahead for you two, quoting the Doctor..
I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry
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Infract maybe? lol Lets find out!!!
"In medicine, infarction is tissue death (necrosis) caused by a local lack of oxygen, due to an obstruction of the tissue's blood supply. The resulting lesion is referred to as an infarct (from the Latin infarctus, "stuffed into")."

Oh dear....
Congrats! Enjoy the new mod mug Psykokow! I guess everyone will be nicer in the bar to you now. I bet Frank regrets punching you now. ;)
Congratulations to Psykokow and John Stabler, two backers recognized.
Frontier has had a stroke of genius. How moderate the eccentricities of Psykokow ? By naming him moderator ! Really a stroke of genius ! Once (long ago) in a thread, John Stabler said that his family detested him because he was too involved in ED. Be careful John, that they do not hate you much more, now ...

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Finally the lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum... oh dear :( ;)

Grats chaps... We shall as ever be as awkward as possible.

When writing our posts....

in these forums....

Hello T.j. Something bothering you? ;) :D:D:D
Congratulations to all the new Mods... and the old Mods...err older Mods... I mean the Mods we already had...
Seriously I love you all equally :) (and I'd like this statement kept on my record for future use).
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