More restrictive, definable work roster areas.

I tried to search to see if anyone else has asked this first, You can select buildings, rides, and set that as the work roster area, but it does not drill down to areas that can be the real problem, such as paths from the exit of highly nausea inducing rides.

If you have the queue far away from the exit of that ride, it can take a janitor a good deal of time to investigate the exit, and by then you have a great deal of vomit.

In RCT3 we could paint the square we wanted our employee to work at. Why not do something similar, and thus if we have something that is not a ride or building, but paths, where our guests spend time, that can be targeted directly.

As of now, the current work roster system is off.
I agree completely. The RCT3 method gave me the ability to fine-tune work areas. Here it feels almost hit or miss, at the very least, less precise.
The difference between RCT3 and PC is that janitors don't wonder around just stumbling upon litter and puke, they actually know where they are and go to the closest one before moving on to the next making the whole grid based work area unnecessary
Yet in PC if the entrance is to a side, and the exit, where the puke is, is far to the other side, not close to where Guests wander into the ride, the janitors do not seem to explore that exit and clean the puke in any sequence that takes care of the problem, before all guests are stepping in puke.

Making the ride part of a work roster, or even the only item in the roster does not take care of the problem either.