More trees please 🌳🙏

So I watched the Planet Zoo Twitch feature and I see Boab trees! I’m guessing there has been some new art work created for ‘Plazoo’ re trees and other flora / scenery and build pieces. Any chance we could get some of these added to Planco? I have been wanting more trees for a while now, Boab and gum trees, trees in full spring blossom and willows would all be great additions. If you have created the items for Plazoo, and both games run on the same engine, could you not add them to Planco quite easily?
yes, yes , and yes .....We need absolutly more trees , .....and flowers ....and bushes ....please ! (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
Coasters are not the "essentiel element " of a park !
I agree. Definitely more bush options... happy with the additional flowers but wouldn't be upset with more. Haha.
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