Most and least favorite ships.

Technically, the 'favorite ships' is cycling back in, too... ;)

My Top 3 (Best to Worst):
  • Diamondback Explorer
  • Beluga Liner
  • Federal Corvette? Alliance Chieftain? Adder? (I Dunno...99% of my flight time is in #1 and #2)

If I'm not tooling around in the DBX - because it can do literally everything but higher level combat - I'm in the Bellasarius XVII, a cruise liner in the top 1% of the liners in the galaxy because I'm that guy that enjoys RP'ing a patient tour guide or bus driver. And those curves and that shape...erhem, anyways. Saud Kruger makes a very eye-catching vessel. After that? I probably use the Corvette most to grind combat rank, or the chieftain for AX, or the Adder because it's just so damn cute and authentic.
I use my DBX all the time. My #1 utility ship. Its perfect for bubble hopping, guardian sites, crystal shard farming, cheap to transfer and has a fun factor as I practice docking on S landing pads.
As of late, I've really been enjoying the Challenger. I made one for Cyclops hunting and liked it so much I made another for CZ action. I had no idea how well that retains speed through turns, and while it hasn't (and won't) retired my Chieftain, it is still a blast for combat.
I always enjoying flying any of my many Viper MKIVs. It is a highly versatile ship and I love everything about it.
The only ships I do not own and at least sometimes fly are the Beluga, Keelback, and DBS (that debased cobra thing that is no longer available too, I guess).
Mamba. It's sleek and fast and is a very good alternative to the FDL.

Viper IV is my utility ship. Planetary stuff, data delivery, etc etc. Tough little machine.

My Corvette has been in dock for a long time and it's basically just there for me to tinker on before I fly something else out.
I spend most of my time in the three Imperial ships. For administration purposes, I might have to jump in the Asp or Krait Mk II, but I don't actually play the game in them. If the Imperial ships were not an option, I think the Krait would be my go to.

Least favorites are Anaconda and Python. I couldn't stand the Conda and promptly sold it. The Python I held on to for specific scenarios, but sold it as soon as got the Krait.
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