General / Off-Topic Most expensive free boat hire ever :( (yesterday)

My parents (in 70's) and my 3 year old took a 4 person cayak on the river Cambs . work have an account with local punt hire company so we get free boat hire
All went well on the way to Grantchester but on way back we managed to hit a tree and the boat capsized. Could have been worse, my son had a life jacket on and passers by were amazing (massive shout out to the lady who gave my son a spare top and helped dry him)

My mum and son went back to the pub and the landlady phoned a taxi. Taxi company were warned they were a bit soggy but pub gave them bin bags so as not to get cab seat wet.
My dad and I got the boat out of the water (more help from nice people) emptied it out and then paddled back.
We got back to the punt place expecting my mum and lad to be there (took us over an hr to get back) but no joy. All phones ruined so could not call.

30 mins later my mum and lad turn up very upset the sod of a taxi driver dropped em at the wrong place swearing and jeffing (filter block) telling my mum they both stank and made him feel sick, calling them filthy (she told him why they were like that) , forced her to give her credit card and took £90 before kicking them out of the taxi (no idea where they were). My mum had hip op 12 month ago and my lad is 3. They had to walk 2 miles across town.
(Taxi seat was dry it was just they smelled of the river cambs)
We got home eventually and no lasting harm done though my mum can barely move today and is black and blue after banging herself up falling out of the boat and I am not sure if my boy fancies another boat trip.

Total cost 3 pairs of shoes
2 Motorola g5+ phones
1 leather handbacg
2 leather wallets
£200 pair of glasses (mine fell off in the water).

I was so grateful for all the nice people esp those who comforted my mum who saw the altercation with the taxi driver and those who looked after my lad getting him out of the water and dry.
I was livid about the taxi driver and filed a complaint. They promised a full refund and will be talking to the driver and said he will be disciplined as it reflects badly on them

At least no one hurt but looking at around £500 in lost stuff (more really as the 2 new phones I ordered are technically upgrades (insurance don't cover water damage) so was £350 just for 2 phones)

Sorry just needed to vent :)
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money wise it is improving... i spoke with insurance, they are happy to let me claim for my phone as although it is water damage, falling in a river is included as accidental damage.
£100 excess and i doubt i will get a massive amount for my phone but my glasses should be ok.

(just need to find proof of ownership of the glasses as well as phones but should not be too tricky)
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I was doing yearly trips down the river with a bunch of friends for many years in my 20s. We quickly learned that one is bound to get wet sooner or later for various reasons, not just downright capsizing. :LOL:
So since a certain point the rule was - barefoot, shirt and shorts, life jacket (no exceptions there, no matter how good a swimmer you are, you can get injured and it's much easier to drag you to safety if you're floating). The rest of the stuff and spare clothes in water tight bags. Since then, no damages to property or serious accidents.

But yeah, we also learned the hard way. Everybody does, I guess.
I hope you all will be able to have a laugh about it, one day.
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