Mostly Harmless Mission spawns high level enemies.

I'm trying to grind some missions in Colonia to unlock the engineers there, starting by getting friendly with colonia council. So I picked up a mostly harmless level mission or two for killing known pirates, only to end up against a wing of an expert level eagle and a master level python. What gives?
For other readers, the best way to rank up Colonia Council is on the way to Colonia. If you take the Colonia Highway you'll find that all the major stops are run by Colonia Council. :)
Wing missions can be done in solo if you have a ship capable of hull tanking. Just ram the leader until you get him to less than 50% hull, then engage. You should be able to get out of there after you destroy him, without losing your ship. I've found if you get them to 20% or so the wing won't even engage once you open fire. It's like they disown him.
I would think twice before allying with Colonia Council, those sneaky starport people. That's exactly sort of a situation they would get you in. I think they still might owe me bounty hunting money. Carcosa, on the other hand, has turned up an interesting place, I have heard, yet have to visit there again.
Carcosa is a great place to just lazily fly around, get some selfies at the rock, and generally have fun not paying attention to the radar.
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