Moving account from Steam to Frontier


I bought ED a few years ago from Steam and I was using the Steam launcher since then to play.

I want to get rid of Steam now, so can I move my game account (callsign, progress etc.) to Frontier if I buy the game once more directly from the developer?

Thank you.
Did you buy before April 2019? If so, you can run without using steam. Check by looking to see if you have any CD keys for the game in Steam - if so then you can run without steam in a stand-alone installation. Installer here: (Frontier site)

cd key.jpg
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Thanks a lot! Indeed, I bought the game in 2018, so I got the CD-key from Steam.

Unfortunately the link to the client installer provided by you seems to be not related to the Frontier site, so I cannot safely download it.
And I have nothing at the - my downloadable products, but I have 1 purchase from 2018 in My Orders.

Should I ask Frontier support to help me with fixing that?

P.S. Update: I was wrong about the link to the client. This file is also referred by the Frontier support page!
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