Horizons Multicrew Base Assault!

Hello Fdev,

What's the chances of expanding the playstyle of base assaults?

I think the following scenario would be quite easy to implement without too much effort:

Add a function to the docking computer module, to allow a 'Base Assault' mode. Essentially a mutlicrew commander can set the ship to autopilot a craft to circle around the base within minimum weapon distance, while the pilot's SRV is deployed from this height. Full engines to thrusters would make this quite easy ( a parachute would be pretty badass though ).

This coupled with turreted gunner weapons and fighter bay deployment would make base assaults EXTREMELY enjoyable and participatory, by merely adding one function to the game.

Furthermore if npc pilots are ever expanded upon, implementation into these roles would be relatively easy also.

Just one of a few suggestions I have regarding future content! :)
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