Multicrew exploration questions

I just spent 3 HOURS in multicrew exploration trying to get my friend some beginning credits. I turn them in and he gets nothing, zilch, nada. Is there something that I did wrong? why didn't he get any of my profit (39 million)?

Thank you for any kind of help.
This happened to me and others, you did nothing wrong.

I'm not sure if this will change but it should now that we have the new exploration scanner thing (which I like).
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This has been known and reported as a bug since day one of the beta. As you can see, it has yet to be fixed, which is making me question if this really is a bug and not working as intended. Which, honestly, would be foolish: why introduce multicrew gameplay and not reward the crew for their help with anything?

In any case, it would be great to hear from the developers, if this is as intended or a bug that will be fixed. Does anyone have any idea where the issue could be raised so that it would get a reply? The only reply I had from a bug report was from QA, "I have passed this on to be looked into" (see here).
My guess is that it was broken with the bolting-on of the FSS after the fact, and they genuinely overlooked the fact that they'd set up multicrew rewards to be calculated via a mechanism which no longer exists under the new exploration system.
Probably not: multicrew support was among the stated aims of the exploration rework. "Improve multiplayer exploration: With both of the module upgrades we are making sure that wings and multi-crew are supported." (source)

Then again, out of about twenty Commanders I've hosted in MC so far, only one actually knew how to use the FSS. He wanted to get some credits via multicrew because he didn't have enough for a rebuy, and no combat seats were available at the time. Other than that, it has always been new players who didn't know what exploration entails, or after DWE2, folks who'd just log on, not reply to anything, then pop off after a couple of minutes. Probably checking my location and loadout to see if I'd be worth attacking.

I think that hardly anyone who knows what using the FSS actually entails wants to beam over into someone else's ship and do it for them. After all, even OP and his friend did it for some quickstart credits.
Time to necro. I looked into this a bit more, and found this post about how it's supposed to work: "This allows wings or commanders in multi-crew to engage in exploration together, each earning credits and exploration rank and making the process more efficient."
So it's definitely bugged, and not working as intended. Crew members ought to get credits and rank progression, but no tags. (Which makes perfect sense.)
I posted this again because of the new system, if somebody could confirm that the bug still exists, that would be great. See the issue here.
Personally, I'd love to open my ship for exploration multicrew, so that system scans would take much less time. (It would also provide a nice bonus to ships with two crew seats available.) But understandably, whenever I warn people that they won't get anything for helping, they pretty much always leave. Can't say I blame them, either.
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