Multicrew needs something more

First off, the idea of multicrew is great, fantastic, revolutionary even! However, there are so many limitations to it that multicrew often becomes a hindrance if you're doing anything other than just flying around blowing stuff up. Here are just a few of the ways that multicrew could be made a more viable option for regular daily gameplay.


1) SRV's - why am i not able to land, toss my buddy out on the planet with his badass rover car and give him some overwatch in my ship? The fact that SRV's are entirely disabled in multicrew is a major hindrance to people who want to explore and hang out together but aren't always in the same part of the galaxy.

1.1) SRV's 2.0 - this has been said in many many other places, but seriously... what is the need for multiple SRV's if you cant use them both at the same time. Either there need to be multiple classes of SRV to make the added mass worth it, or they need to be multicrew enabled. There is already the distance mechanic for fighters, just create the same mechanic for SRV's (10km max range, if the distance exceeds that then the SRV loses signal and goes onto life support. If connection isnt reestablished within 30 seconds, the SRV explodes) But really we want to see more classes of SRV than the scarab. Its awesome however... meh.

2) Outfitting -
what... in the world... is that about? I'm flying around in multicrew blasting some crazy tough bad guys and when we land I cant take advantage of the spoils of war with some newly upgraded weapons? C'mon! Not really sure why this isn't an option, but I've had to end multicrew sessions just to adjust my loadout. Huge hassle, please fix.

3) Gunner HUD - probably the worst part of multicrew is the lack of a heads up display for the gunner. When you're riding shotgun in your buddy's ship, there's little more to do than ask "are we there yet?" If nothing else, lets get some orbit lines, target indicators, and gravity well lines going so that our valuable gunner friends aren't just sitting there looking at the pretty lights.

4) Fighter mechanics - so in solo play you're able to pass off your controls to the NPC crew and take over a fighter.... now i honestly wouldn't offer my multicrew buds that honor, HOWEVER, why cant we still hand it off to the NPC and BOTH launch in fighters? i feel like the mechanics and instancing would be just about the same as with an NPC fighter and Multicrew fighter both launching. Correct me if im wrong

5) Finally, not really related to multicrew...
WHY IN THE WORLD CANT WE LAND ON EARTHLIKE PLANETS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Thank you for reading :)
Why can't multicrew ships meet community goals together?

Why can't multicrews get rewards for missions? At least shares, but for the combat bonds!?

Yeah. Would be nice to see those things addressed.

And the bugginess with fines and MURDER! [Most foul!] indications coming up at random against wanted targets with multi-crew would be nice to see fixed...

(Multi-crewmen tend to see different wanted indications than the mothership.)

And of course, winging multicrewed ships would be great fun. I know the reasoning is "OMG OP!" But... Really?
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multi-crew is abandoned. They said something like this: when people will play it we look at it , but people dont play it because its broken/useless.
As they are making useless updates like ships with big spoilers, non existing alien threat in galaxy... They dont have time to fix this. [noob]
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