Multiple Animals in the same exhibit.

The Poster of Project Zoo shows multiple types of herbivores on the top left in the same exhibit so Im guessing herbivores will be co habitable together.But I was wondering if you can keep Herbivores and Carnivores that can coexist together in the same exhibit/enclosure. for example having Elephants and Hyenas(not confirmed yet) in the same exhibit since Hyenas dont hunt Elephants.
Judging by the fact that the environment you create in the enclosures is being linked to animal happiness, it might be very difficult to mix species and keep them happy enough.
I would think that Zebra's, Elephant's and Buffalo's might be okay together as they live in the savanna, but still they may require their own items and shelter and will most likely be happier alone.
I don't know of a zoo that keeps carnivores and herbivores together honestly.
I am hopeful of a feature that I can make a big enclosure like a wildlife preserve with multiple type of animals as far fetched of a idea this is and problably hard to implement.
Well, it isn't that far fetched.

I know a zoo here in Holland, that houses Wolfs and Bears in the same exhibit, but these are familiar with each other in the wild.

I support multiple animals in the same exhibit, but they should be living side by side in the wild as well.
from the promo picture at the end of the trailer you can see in the background a pen housing what looks like 2 species of antelope and wildebeest so maybe we can mix herbivores if they have the same environmental needs but most likely not carnivores and herbivores
Near us is a Park with Wolves and Bears . they have the Same Enclosure but never come out in the Same Time. Wolves and Bears normally going out of their way.
Also, it is confirmed (somewhere) that animals will fight and such, have wounds, after wounds heal then they will have scars.

So i am assuming and have high hopes that you can have a scenario like a wildlife park and the predators and prey roaming together and the preds would hunt prey as they would in the wild when need be (not for sport unless it has exhibited this behavior in the wild).

Random thought... - I wonder if you have new cubs in a pride and if you introduce a new male lion, (that beats the old male lion for his position), into it if he would kill the cubs as he would in the wild (same with dominant male zebras) as to start a family tree of his own? I surely hope we get that stuff because it is very important to know these kinds of things, although terrible, it is educational and would be detrimental to the conservation program in the zoo so you would think twice before you placed a new lion or other male animal into the exhibit if you had small cubs, foals, etc.
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Tricky thing with carnivores and herbivores living together, as I understand it, is the babies. Case in point regarding elephants and hyenas (careful, this is quite gruesome):
Yes would be tricky if you want a peaceful scenario, which I wouldn't.. Just as real as I can get lol.

I would think that the mothers or fathers of the baby would try their best to protect them like their RL counterpart would so here's to hoping!

Or maybe perhaps there could be a setting for carnivores and herbivores to get along peacefully for safaris :)
I am hopeful of a feature that I can make a big enclosure like a wildlife preserve with multiple type of animals as far fetched of a idea this is and problably hard to implement.
If you wanted the illusion of this without the animals killing each other you could always go Hagenbeck with your enclosures. To guests, it could look like they all share a space (like at Animal kingdom) but they have non-obvious barriers. They have confirmed we can use natural barriers to separate enclosures so you could have a moat or rocks separating predators from prey. Like on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride at DAK the waterbuck can walk right up to the barrier to the lions but the hidden moat keeps the lions from reaching them. I have a kinda strange picture somewhere of the waterbuck just munching on the bush that covers the wall there with the lion watching.

Realistically unless you have very large populations of prey and small predators I don't think you could have a sustainable population to feed carnivores if you just put them together. And depending on how the stress systems work, being to close to predators may inhibit reproduction in prey.
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