Parks My first good attempt at a park: Adventure Island

Got to play around a lot with the game, and love it! Started work today on this area of a park I'm calling Adventure Island.

It currently has 2 themes: A Pirate theme on this side, and I'm going to build a "western" theme on the other. Hope they turn out well though I'm not great at scenery and making things pretty lol.

Tell me what you think! (and what could make it better!)

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Glad you liked it! I removed the ship as I was starting to feel like it didn't fit.. don't know if I want to keep the restrooms without it or do something else.. not sure.

Here is POV of the rollercoaster I am calling "No Man's Land"


POV starts at 2:10, and the intro is of the queue. Nothing super special but I imagined it as being a courtyard for the castle. Might play around with some of the scenery and all that. At the end (after the POV) is a guest POV of the exit and path back to the main area.

Also, you can see the beginnings of my western themed area. It currently has 3 rides: The ferris wheel, sky swing, and a rollercoaster that has a few inversions in it. I'll make a POV of that rollercoaster soon (hopefully tomorrow if time allows)
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Got some pictures today of my western themed area. In the background you can see another area I'm working on... not sure what I'm going to do but (hopefully) with the next update I am going to place a lake in between the Pirate/Western areas. I want this lake to go far back into the park, and as you can see part of the path is raised that will be a "bridge" over the lake.

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