My further way back to the DW2

Unfortunately I can't continue my thread in the Distant World 2 Forum anymore, so I have opened a new thread here, in which I would like to report about my further journey.

Completely unexpectedly, I have to report about a single system, because:

I'm just astonished, wondering WHAT I might have found there.

In the system MYLIENGOOE BK-I D9-12 A6 at coordinates 25366.0625 / 21.90625 / 31780.25.

The system has 18 celestial bodies, including an F- and K-star, 8 planets and a moon at the first star, and 6 planets and a moon at the second star.

The terraformable planets, one at the first star, three at the second star, as well as the beautiful water world with moon at the first star are still to be noted.

And that's exactly what it is, I had to look there several times now:

Do you see it?

Pretty much in the middle.

Even after I turned away and got the ship, it's still there.

The tip of my ship points almost exactly at it.

What can that be?

Unfortunately you can't land and take a closer look...
And it is reproducible, it remains even after logging off and on again.

It should be noted that there are two remarkable star phenomena in the system, but they are not in the WW.

I am faced with a puzzle and wonder whether this could be something new, or just a graphic error?

Fly Safe


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It looks a bit odd, but well … but then again, I've had HMC's that had formations in a way that looked as if the planet is a giant smilie-face ;)
It is under the cloud layer, and I agree it is probably ice however it sure looks odd. Also it seems to have depth. Nice find, commander.
It is indeed what a "tiny icecap" looks like - a tiny round disc of old, thick ice, surrounded by a narrow ring of thinner seasonal sea ice. If you fly all the way around the planet, there should be another one just like it on the other side.

You can see another example, plus some more mystified people, on a cloudless water world in this thread.

And to satisfy yourself that it is indeed a polar icecap, just switch over to analysis mode - you should find that the pole, marked as a radial point by the lat/long grid lines, is sitting right where the icecap is.
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To complete my report about the last find I want to add the information about the two star phenomena.


I show the pictures without exact order.

With many of the sleeves one can cause a reaction by means of light.

And this here I find very interesting, the patterns of the lights on the stem trees and pods are conspicuously symmetrical.

Fly Safe


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Some very nice finds, I've not seen those types of pods before so all I can say is Right On Commander! o7

In this part of the journey I hardly made any progress.

Reason is the repeated finding of star phenomena.

In all systems found so far it was in the sector SGITTARIUS-CARINA ARM, and there in the HIPPARCOS BASIN it was LAGRANGE-CLOOKS.
To be more precise, I found only the PROTO-LAGRANGE-WOLKE so far, all other versions are not yet available.

In it I found mainly stem trees and bushes.
These are the stem tree varieties:

And from the stem shells:

I could also find ice crystals:

And last but not least I found the variety PRASNIUM from SILIKATKRISTALLEN.

At the moment I interrupted my journey because I spontaneously decided to create a Columbus bubble here. This will probably take a little longer, because I have a lot of systems in range around the system MYLIENGOOE PA-P C19-2, coordinates 25323.15625 / 7.40625 / 31808.4375 to process.
Sorry there are no pictures of the system...

I was especially pleased about my landable Terraform candidates No. 4 and 5.
These were the system MYLIENGOOE IW-E D11-16.

I had hardly landed after scanning and mapping, had looked around a bit and left a few traces. Then I could travel on.

And then the system MYLIENGOOE HA-P C19-6.

Here I scanned and mapped again and landed in the huge crater.

The foggy atmosphere; and that in the vacuum; was really great, I just looked around and admired the soil deposits, then it went on again.

And to continue with the systems of the last time, starting with the 14.07.3305.

The ASSAIZZ GG-Y E1 system has a very bright B-star, and nothing else.
Remarkable is only what happens when I try to take a highres picture of the star.

FLYOO PLOE BC-B D1-4, coordinates 24385.46875 / -47.09375 / 37465.125 would actually have 21 celestial bodies, but only the gas giant with water-based life was photogenic.

In the system KYLOOPA BE-K C8-3 I found Proto-Lagrange-Clouds again and in them also some stems.

I found it interesting that one does not drop into the clouds near a star as one is accustomed to. I had to reduce the distance for the drop to about 100 KM before I made the drop, in order not to have to fly far forever.

Here good to see where you come out with normal drop.

That's how it works when I drop from about 100KM:

And also here again the picture phenomenon if I make a Highres picture of the star.

Enough talk, just a few impressions:

Also here I found the symmetrical lights again.

KYLOOPA PL-P C5-1 had several planets that were mapped, including an ammonia planet. And there were star phenomena again.

At MYIESOU WU-N I found the next stick trees, I take here the small overview for the pictures, because a lot repeats itself.

PHRUA BYOEA LT-Q E5-0 was the only planet with a blue gas giant class III.

The system PHRUA BYOEA QL-J d10-14 wasn't quite so meager, but I only did the VSS, nothing mapped.

Also at HYPI CHROA RX-L D7-24 I found some stick trees again, just two pictures.

In the system KYLOOPA RF-A C3 also similar again, only here I saw for the first time that the lights are to be found also on the sleeves.

KLYOOPA RM-W D1-4, again...

On the other hand, the HYPI CHROA TQ-P C5-3 system was quite different where I found the EIS and SILICON CRYSTALS.

I found lots of sleeves at MYLIENGOOE BK-I D9-27

That's it for this time, too. Hui, I think that's enough too...

Fly Safe

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Even today I am still in the same sector, and exactly the same system MYLIENGOOGE GA-P C19-2.

Currently I have explored 237 systems around the system chosen as the central system.
I have always mapped only partially, very rarely I found a system worthy of complete mapping.
Here is the state from 20.07.3305:


And currently from 27.07.3305:

Although I haven't explored a system yet today.

On 20.07.3305 I found the system MYLIENGOOE BK-I D9-11, where the star phenomena were quite close to the star.

Here you can sense the proximity well.

During refuelling the system MYLIENGOOE EF-P C19-2 became a little hot.
Which I think I figured out where the tile pattern came from on the highres. It seems to me that the process calculates the brightness of each individual image section separately. But since there are extreme differences in some shots, it doesn't work properly.

Here's the difference when taking a normal screenshot.

The system MYLIENGOOE FF-P C19-2 was not very interesting, but when I entered the system I immediately saw three stars.

In the system MYLIENGOOE FF-P C19-3 I found three star phenomena, plus two gas giants with water-based life, more interesting was that I could localize the phenomena for the first time in a ring.

Here a few snapshots of it, but I found only the stem sleeves, nothing else.

In the system MYLIENGOOE FQ-G D10-9 I found beside two water worlds also the last variety of the stem trees.

ALBIDIUM-STIELBÄUME they were, they were still missing.


And by the way, SO polar caps don't look like those that look like a huge building...

Even though I found star phenomena at MYLIENGOOE IL-N C20-3 again, only the three water worlds were really interesting.

You already know the stem trees well enough.

I mention MYLIENGOOE LF-E B39-0 only because there were quite a lot of celestial bodies here.

That concludes the day. I'm gonna split it up.

Fly Safe

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The next systems are explored, partially mapped and I take a break for the report.

Theoretically I should have mapped MYLIENGOOE AF-R E4-4 completely, but I really didn't feel like it, even though it is a very nice system with a central B-star.

MylienGOOE AK-I D9-1, one WW and three star phenomena, but nothing new.

MYLIENGOOE AK-I D9-6 was completely scanned and mapped, but is no wonder.

MYLIENGOOE AK-I D9-7 had two terraformable worlds and the WW again two star phenomena, but also nothing new.


MYLIENGOOE AK-I D9-13 found at least a very beautiful gas giant with ammonia-based life.

Also MYLIENGOOE AK-I D9-15 offered nothing substantially new.

This also applied to MYLIENGOOE AZ-Q C18-4

There was some variety at MYLIENGOOE BK-I D9-14, on the one hand it is a very big system, and it had at least the one beautiful gas giant with water-based life.

Systems like MYLIENGOOE BK-I D9-23 I normally would have mapped completely, but the time...

Also MYLIENGOOE EQ-G D10-9 had again star phenomena beside the WW and the gas giant with water-based life.
Also here only the system overview, please consider, ALL these systems are examined, so the interesting planets are mapped, and immersed into the star phenomena to see what can be found there.

Normally I would also have this system; MYLIENGOOE GU-E B39-0; fully mapped, but I really didn't feel like it right now.

The same applies to MYLIENGOOE OW-A B41-1.

But I mapped the system MYLIENGOOE QQ-C B40-0 completely again.

Here's the proof.

By the way, here is the planet on it, I couldn't see it better despite the fact that I approached it from the "bright" side.

Another fully mapped system is MYLIENGOOE BK-I D9-18

Here there are not only gas giants of classes I to IV, but also a water giant with an ice planet with rings as moon, but also a star phenomenon in an ice ring.

Even if they are already known PRASNIUM-METALLKRISTALLE beside Stielbäumen, it looked great here.

The sight I could not withhold from you.

Finally I found a terraformable planet in a system with M-star, it is the system MYLIENGOOE MR-L C21-1.

Only the system card here either.

I still haven't finished, haven't even completed the upper half of the sphere, but there are still 310 scanned systems. Probably the total number will be more than 500, if I can hold on.

Fly Safe

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It took two days before the headaches had completely disappeared again, even medication helped only to a limited extent.

At that time I could only scan T- and Y-star systems, everything else was simply too bright for my light-sensitive senses.
Even L-stars hurt like hell when their light shone through the cockpit window.

One of the systems I noticed particularly, BRAISAO LI-E A80-0 had beside the Y-star only a gas giant class II, but what a colossus.
With 918,8984 earth masses it looked almost as big as its star.

In the BRAISAO NI-E A80-0 system, there was actually an HMC as the last planet. But I saved folders, because it was not terraformable. But that would have been a real miracle.

After I finally felt better, I ventured again into other systems with brighter stars.

BRAISAO-BM-J D10-23 was the only system within my range that I had already explored. Sure, actually, the central star is a neutron star.

Cmdr DUCH KAY had already scanned everything and mapped the only Terraform candidate.
I mapped all three celestial bodies, because the system was something special in this way.

Of the BRAISAO XF-L D9-18 system, only this gas giant with water-based life was actually photogenic.

I used systems like BRAISAO XW-U C19-1 for a complete capture, also mapping. Well, it wasn't really difficult, was it?

Besides, I used the time, until I was close to the celestial body, to enter some distances into EDSM, meanwhile I am so used to it, that I get 5 distances loosely with a flight over about 3 KLS.

MYLIENGOOE had two WW besides star phenomena, the second one was very far away, but I flew there and mapped it, I also entered some distances into EDSM again.

With BRAISAO PN-R B38-1 I could map the terraformable planet together with the moon, otherwise there was nothing worth mentioning here.

Just today I found the system BRAISAO XF-L D9-10, with an A star rather the exception here, in addition still another TF planet with TF moon and a WW, which is also terraformable.

This is what my work looks like out of EDSM at the moment, I'm not finished yet, but it's probably slowly coming to an end.

Fly Safe

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It is accomplished, my KOLUMBUS sphere is fully explored.

With the entry system MYLIENGOOE MR-L C21-4, which I explored on 17.07.3305 about 18.36 o'clock and of which I did not suspect yet that it would belong to the sphere, as well as the central system MYLIENGOOE GA-P C19-2 there are altogether 714 systems, which I explored and partially mapped in the period from 17.07.3305 to yesterday evening, 08.08.3305 about 21.00 o'clock.

I hope you can see how empty the area around the marked central star is as soon as I set the map to Not Visited Systems.

The size of the project is revealed by the changeover to Visited Systems.

Here for comparison the visited and unvisited systems.

In EDSM the whole thing looks like this:

Here a zoom on the central system, you can hardly see anything meaningful.

And compared to the rest of the galaxy? There the whole is then nevertheless rather tiny...

(The small whitish looking ball in the lower left picture).

Of the 714 systems I found a name in only one, this was BRAISAO BM-J D10-23, which was already explored by Cmdr DUCH KAY and has a neutron star as central star.

In EDSM, however, I am considered to be the first discoverer for ALL systems. To be sure, I had to scroll through 10 pages in my flight log.

Here is a small selection of the systems I last explored.

BRAISAO KI-V A84-0 has a T-star and the very big gas giant class I, I looked at it closer, but it was not exactly bright.

The system BRAISAO ET-T A85-0 is a small speciality, because I made my 41.000th jump into it.

With a T-star, as well as 5 celestial bodies and a moon, which are all ice planets, it is not a very exciting system.

With BRAISAO XF-L D9-19 I had found another system with an A star, a gas giant class IV and two terraformable celestial bodies. What is remarkable is that one of the two planets is actually a moon.

Gas giant first:

The planet with its terraformable moon:

The other terraforming candidate:

But I also found the last planet photogenic.

Another beautiful system, which could not be brought horizontally to a picture, was MYLIENGOOE IU-F B38-0, it also had a gas giant with ammonia-based life.

At MYLIENGOOE LA-E B39-0 I found another ammonia world with moon.

Despite a WW and the fully mapped system BRAISAO XZ-N B40-1 I only show the system view here.

But I show the system BRAISAO AD-T C20-2 with its two stars in more detail, I found here my landable terraformable world No. 8.

I landed at the striking mountain, unfortunately I could not find a landing place above.

And here, too, extensive traces had to be left behind.

My shadow appeared at a last glance at the start.

A picture of the other terraformable planet should not be missing either.

I was a little surprised when I received this invitation completely unexpectedly:

Another new engineer, after my return I have to pay a visit again.

One last time I found star phenomena in the system BRAISAO VW-U C19-2, but also here there was nothing new to find.

BRAISAO OU-R A86-0 is something special because it is the LAST system I had to scan to complete the sphere.
Nevertheless I only show the system view here, I didn't map it either.

Now we have to think about what to do next, but before that I have to have a chat with the on-board computer.
Fly Safe

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Thanks to everyone for congratulating me on my gambling madness act.

True to the motto:

There is a lot to report again, that's why I write it down!

Did I spontaneously feel like writing another report?
Today I arrived in the area where I wanted to choose the system for the star banner of the EOT.
I had decided for the position T6, because my current position was quite close to the Columbus sphere.

It was only necessary to change course to the west in order to jump into the EEMBAISY LD-Z C27-43 system, which I had chosen as the starting point for my search. When I arrived there, I was quite surprised about my hit rate, the system has according to EDSM the coordinates 19992.71875 / -5.1875 / 30894.40625.
A position with the coordinates 20000 / X / 30900 was needed, whereby the X could be selected variable.
Now I was closer than I thought, because the ingame card still offered a square of 10 x 10 fields for the desired position at the highest zoom level.

Now I searched for a suitable system and had to make only 4 jumps to reach the system EEMBAISY SO-Z D13-134.

It has the coordinates 19999.875 / 20.46875 / 30899.5625 and is as close as possible to the destination.

It is also a large system with 60 celestial bodies.
You can find it here:

2 A-stars
1 star class Y with double ring and
Five moons, all stone planets.
6 gas giants class III. 3 x double ring, 2 x ring.
In addition distributed over the gas giants 18 moons 14 times stone planet, 1 x rocky ice planet and 1x ice planet.
4 gas giants with water-based life, 3 x double ring, 1 x ring.
Over it distributed 19 moons type stone planet.
1 water world with ring and 4 moons, also all stone planet.
By the way, all jumponium components could also be found here.

Here is the system overview. At the moment I have mapped the celestial bodies at the A-star, which will follow at the B-star.

What I found with the A-star, I want to show also still in picture form:

Remarkably, a Y star also casts a shadow.

His rings were also mapped, by the way.

And contained some hotspots.

Another class III gas giant had magically beautiful rings.

Two moons of the WW.

And the WW itself.

And another look at one of the gas giants with water-based life.

Two moons ahead of the third gas giant, Class III.

As already said, the rest of the system still has to be mapped, that will follow as soon as possible. After all, I still have to cover 317 Kls.

On the way to my current position I found yet:

BRAISAO SO-Z E2, a system with B-stars, unfortunately without planets.

From MYLIENGOOE AZ-S D3-16 I took only the picture from this WW.

Besides some terraformable planets I found two open air worlds in close orbit in the system MYLIENGOOE ML-P D5-19.

I have mapped here completely, and also made a picture of the hell world.

And the two Earth-like ones.

Cmdr CHEGUEVARA733 first discovered the MYLIENGOOE PR-N D6-24 system, but he didn't scan everything, and I also mapped the three terraformable planets at the C star.

MYLIENGOOE TG-W B15-0 had only 4 stars and a gas giant class I, but its beauty was worth the way of over 25 KLS to me.

BRAISI VO-X D2-14 not only had my landable terraformable world No.9, which also danced with a terraformable water world, there were other terraformable planets and a gas giant with water-based life.

First some of the terraformable planets.

Then a quick look at the water world.

And my personal highlight, the landable Terraform candidate, with Geosite and I left my traces again.

Last but not least, the gas giant.

LYAISEAE PG-Y D37 was mapped again completely, not least because one of the three terraformable worlds was a moon, and there was another gas giant with water-based life.

I only took one picture of the moon this time.

EEMBAISY SO-Z D13-97 would have pleased me also very much as a system for the star banner of the EOT, unfortunately the coordinates 20004.21875 / 24.8125 / 30901.40625 did not fit quite.
Nevertheless I have to go back to this system, here I want to map completely.

Did I actually mention the orange giant star class K? It has 1,6328 solar masses, but a radius of 36,1165.

THREE water worlds, one of them terraformable, and this one also camouflaged itself as moon of one of the other two WW, were a find worth mapping in the system EEMBAISY UO-Z D13-23.

And there was the landable terraformable world No.10 in the system LYAISSEAE IT-U C2-7.

Here I landed near the poles; the ice cap had taken a fancy to me; at a crater with a canyon.

For this snapshot I had to re-reallocate the PHILIPP FRANZ of SIEBOLD, but before I could have ended here an exit with the SRV but also fatal...

So I have told everything at the moment, and now I have to think about how I can bridge the waiting time of almost one month until the date for the star banner.
Now first I have to map a lot of things here, and then, who knows...

Fly Safe

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Three pictures of EEMBAISY SO-Z D13-134 I would like to add briefly.
In my opinion I didn't find anything more worth seeing there.

The system is now completely mapped. I've bookmarked myself and now I'll see how I spend the month.

It might be possible to create another Columbus bubble here, but does that have to be?

Fly Safe

I have just finished the research of the system EEMBAISY HR-N E6-0. Well, as already announced I have mapped ALL celestial bodies here.

In order to be able to show the system completely, I had to put together the next picture from three single pictures.

And why is that?

That's why:

A terraformable planet at the end of the system, and it still revolves around a hellish world. Moreover, both celestial bodies have rings.
The terraform candidate's is also rich in ores.

Well, if you're honest, there are biosignals on planets 1, 3 and 6.

I looked around a bit there, planet 1, with 2.22G the one with the highest gravity:

Followed by Planet 3 with still 1.55G.

And then Planet 6 with 1.37G.

I found the bioluminescent Roseum anemones on all three planets.

And then there were these two hell worlds, which I also found photogenic.

Which brings me to the end of this system.

From the system EEMBAISY NO-X C28-46 I want to show this disturbing sight.

In general, it was a little gloomy in the system.

Fly Safe


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At my current position there were a few more systems with a central B-star, one of them was EEMBAISY HR-N E6-16.

Did I map here? No, there was nothing in the system that would have been worth the effort and the time.8)

I was wondering if I should create a completely mapped zone here by the date of the star banner, but no, that's a bit too much of a good thing, isn't it?

There was also a system with a neutron star in direct range, it's the system EEMBAISY HR-N E6-16 and nobody had been here before.

Even if these weren't all the systems I had started up and scanned since my last report update, there was nothing new, no special features that would have justified an extensive photo shoot.
In this respect it may seem as if I am not doing much at the moment, but that is definitely not the case.:D

Fly Safe

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Once again some time has passed and I finally have the feeling that I can write freely again.
The keyboard was replaced today with a new one, even if it doesn't seem to make sense, but the constant pressing of keys until finally a W appears has annoyed me...

At my location I am also still busy looking around and scanning, sometimes I also map something, sometimes more, sometimes less.

The SYstem EEMBAISY CD-V B57-2 had two water worlds in close proximity to each other, which of course were mapped as well.

In the system EEMBAISY CY-U B57-8 I had the opportunity to observe how a planet passed in front of the stars, unfortunately I only have pictures of it, because the video recording simply did not succeed at that moment. The problem is solved again, but the moment is over...

The planet is the innermost rocky planet. I show the pictures only as thumbnails, because that will be a bit more now.

And then there was the gas giant.

I found a beautiful water giant with ring in the system EEMBAISY SO-Z D13-51.

EEMBAISY ZR-W B56-10 I almost mapped it completely, there are only gas giants class I and ice planets here, everything with ring.
But then I had to leave urgently, and when I had time again, I jumped back without maps.

From the system EEMBAISY LD-Z C27-18 I have only the ammonia planet. Not even a system card...

EEMBAISY PJ-X C28-46 was also mapped completely, the reason was that besides the two water worlds and the ammonia world there were also several terraformable planets, and the rest was not important anymore.

I only photographed the ammonia world separately.

I'm already through all the systems I wanted to write about.

Of course there were many more scanned and mapped, but that would be too much of a good thing, basically it seems that I will create a Columbus sphere by the date for the star banner.

Fly Safe

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Fantastic shots of the weird stuff I have yet to see.
It makes me want to fire up ED again.
Q: do you need guns to interact/discover the oddities? If so, then oops, I may have to head back to civilization.
Fantastic shots of the weird stuff I have yet to see.
It makes me want to fire up ED again.
Q: do you need guns to interact/discover the oddities? If so, then oops, I may have to head back to civilization.
Hello and thank you for your enthusiasm.

I'm completely unarmed on the way and that works great.
But sometimes you can trigger a reaction with the weapons in the biological life forms.

But I can try it out for myself at the earliest after the end of my return journey.

Fly Safe
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