My haunted attraction series

I am starting a series of haunted attractions both existing and defunct. Pictured here is Dr. Morbid's Haunted House in Lake George which might have closed its doors sometime last year. Then I will do Haunted House of Wax in Niagara Falls, NY which is still in business. I started a Niagara Falls map but I didn't create enough space on the US side for the Haunted House of Wax. The park border is about where the immigration area ends. I would have to redo the map to make more room on the NY side, but then I would have to sacrifice some of the Ontario side, and I need the space for Clifton Hill and Victoria Ave. with all the haunted attractions and museums. I already have some haunted attractions on the workshop like the Haunted House that was on Morey's Pier, North Wildwood, NJ from 1972-1984.

2020-04-08 03_58_31-Planet Coaster.jpg

2020-04-13 04_47_56-Planet Coaster.jpg
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