My Ideas for @Planet Coaster

Hi all Planet Coaster Fans and Devs:

I know you are out there and i really wish you would take at lest our Ideas we give you!

here are some of my Ideas that I always been thinking of still to be made in a Theme park Game!


Car park's

Staff Greeting the new park Guests at the Gate

More Flat and Thrill Rides

Live Shows / Live Music Events

Real Safety Sounds for the Ride

More Mascots

Dark Rides

Let us make our own Flat or Thrill Ride to upload to the steam workshop

Please allow for us to sell more than 1 Ticket Type! e.g Ticket Type for Single people, Ticket Type for Family and a Ticket Type for Groups

We also need more Transport for the Parks such as: Airports, Subways and Boats
I would like to see a feature that allows you to add a car park in front of the entrance. Right now, the park is in the middle of nowhere (just like in rct3), which is very unrealistic.

You can already do dark rides, just build an indoor attraction and ride it during the night. It would be nice to be able to set the game to day/night/day-night cycle, like in RCT3, but this has already been suggested in other posts.

More rides and transport rides are coming... Just be patient :)

I like the idea of being able to sell multiple ticket types and build hotels. However, I don't think the game management will go into that much detail.
well the only game that did was that crap Roller Coaster Tycoon World Game -_- but yet they even had a carpark and the staff at the gates greeting the peps and I just hope they add it to the Game and plus what abut an Zoo? surely you can add an Zoo DLC or as part of an update for the Game so that the park Guests can visit the zoo and donate money to help fund for the care for each animal.

My Other Ideas I just Came up with today was:

Halloween Night,

Christmas market,

wheelchair Rental,

Caravan Land Rental,

Set the Open and Closed times for the Park,

Allow us to Ask the park Guests if they would like to be part of the Staff in the Park,

advertising contracts,

mini games,


No Smoking / Smoking Zones,

Rides get older by year and will impact it's safety and fun rating,

Lights on Roller Coasters,

Staff do Tours around the park for the Guests,