My journey around 366km radius rocky moon (travel log)

You made it, congrats! \o/
And it really is a very lovley planet you got there.

I think i will not race to hand over exploration data, but as i travel back try to bookmark other interesting things to come back.
you may just end up finding another planet to drive around and never return to hand in Data :D
Staying in orbit tonight to say goodbye to the moon, so no closeup today, but this system also has this planet :p
And for things i have bookmarked on my way here, here is one very nice icy planet (again notice radius :p )
Yeah i feel i made great choice with that moon. Had everything. In my Day 30 post love that last shot :)


Congratulations, Cmdr.

Well done on your achievement.

I notice that all that driving has moved your Exploration ranking up +1%. I had forgotten that SRV-driving does that. A bonus, of sorts.

Stay safe
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Hey Kris, only just spotted this ... congratulations, a brilliant circumnavigation! I'll update the list in post #1 of the Planetary Circumnavigation Club thread with all your details tomorrow. Looks like Bomba will be completing his circumnavigation during his next session too!

Oh, and I know what you mean about finding it hard to leave the planet, you become quite attached after all that time down there don't you! :)

Congratulations, you are now officially a member of the Planetary Circumnavigation Club!

Here's your badge which you may now wear with pride!

Could you double check your entry in the official club records to make sure I've got the facts correct and let me know if you have a preferred photo for me to use alongside your entry!

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Well done and congrats Cmdr Kris! Your fuel issue must have been a nightmare so close to the finish, glad to hear you made it.
Just to update that i have handed over exploration data in Morgan's Rock (deep space port, asteroid station). Got my name to this beautiful moon, Syralaei BF-A d69 5 a is now "discovered by" me. And got to Ranger 67%. But credits and rank wasnt main point of this trip. :)

On my way to station ignored all the ELWs, tried to search tiny icy worlds with no luck. I think smallest i found was about ~500km radius. But as i told in another thread, discovered my first geyser.
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