My key bindings reset every time I enter the controls tab...

My key bindings reset every time I open the control section in the settings, close the game or do anything related with the controls. This has become more of a pain in the a** since the addition of the new HUD modes and the Night Vision as I continuously have to set them again...
Do you use more than one Controler (for example HOTAS and XBox Controller)?
In that case make sure that both are connected to the Computer and tured on before you enter the the (Binding-)Settings.
Had this problem awhile back, turns out if you make a backup of your controller configuration file and leave it in the same folder as the original, it confuses ED. Make sure any backups you make are moved out of that folder.
keybindings can reset if you visit the control section without one of your usual devices used to play the game ie hotas , xbox pad etc not plugged in or at that present moment is undetected by windows as it thinks your just using keyboard and mouse it simply rewrites your binds for you (fantastic how very intuitive)
(A poorly written part of the software that they just don't know how to fix it seems, thankfully there are simple ways around this)

to rename your bind file
go here
C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings
rename your custom 3.0 binds file for eg
open the file(using notepad) and edit line 2 between the speechmarks like this
<Root PresetName="STRONTIUM DOG CONTROL" MajorVersion="3" MinorVersion="0">
and save the file keeping the .binds filetype

now open the start preset file(notepad) and rename that the same so it just reads for eg
and then save keeping the StartPreset.start filetype

STRONTIUM DOG CONTROL will now show in the controls section preset menu in the game
then just backup the whole bindings folder to someplace safe outta the way ie not in the frontier folders
if your controls get weird & fubar or just lost for any reason just copy and paste/replace the folder back in ensuring that your control devices are all plugged in and recognised by windows first
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