My Mad Engineer Ideas

I have some nice First Discovery systems that could be used as remote engineer bases, should Frontier ever want to allow me to pay their bar tabs...

What I would like to offer is a steep, limited progression engineer base, that maxes out at G3 levels. I also have a wacky idea for players to advance in rank with an engineer. No BGS elements at all.

Here are the blueprints I would like to offer:

Pulse Laser
Frame Shift Wake Scanner
Kill Warrant Scanner
Shield Booster
Point Defence
Collector Limpet Controller
Prospector Limpet Controller
Shield Generator
Frame Shift Drive
Life Support
Power Distributor

Very much the basic set, starting at G1, and going up in usage similar to the Colonia bases, but on an even steeper curve.

The wacky idea I have is recycling/scrapping. Players would donate modules, and even ships, to advance the engineer. No cash or materials received. The downside for Frontier is that a shipyard would be required for ship donation. The max ship offered for sale at the yard should be a Cobra, if they allow this. Medium pad ships could still be scrapped, but not obtained. Engineered parts should advance the bases' capability further. Pad size could be limited to medium, to keep out power creep. No big ships, little combat craft only.

Imagine a CAP of 32 Sidewinders... :)

There isn't a chance in heck of this being implemented now, but 2020 and after might be possible.
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