My natural park

Welcome to my natural looking Park.
For this Park I set myself the challenge to make it look as immersive as possible.
To reach this goal I only keep Dinosaurs from the same continent and roughly the same time period in one enclosure.
I also tried to hide all the artificial buildings from the view of the viewing platforms, so that the guests won't see any fences, gates and so on, when looking into the Dinosaur enclosure.
The guests should have the feeling of being dropped into a prehistoric world, standing before a window with a view to a long forgotten time.
And this is the result:

The first enclosure is home to herd of Chungkingosaurus, Gigantspinosaurus and Huayangosaurus.
As you can see the fences are also blocked from the path, so that my guests really get the feeling of being in a dense forest.

The viewing gallery provides a great look into the enclosure which has a forest with a lake in the foreground and some hilly grassland in the background.
I tried hiding the plant feeders in the foliage but still in the view for the guests to see the Dinosaurs eat. Unfortunately it didn't really work because they delete trees in a pretty large radius. But what annoys me the most is the monorail station in the background. There was no proper way to hide it (I started building the park before we got the new environment decorations).

In this picture you see the visitor center, the ACU station, our incubation enclosure and some of the shops. The hotels in the upper right corner provide an amazing view over the cretaceous plain, which we will see later.

Our next stop is the Dilophosaurus enclosure. It's a dense forest with a big river like lake.

The guests have a nice view on the water source, while the fences are hidden behind the hills.

The next enclosure that we will visit is the sauropod swamp. Here we have a group of Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus living peacefully together.

From our observation point, we get a perfect view of one of the two lakes. I tried again to hide the feeders in the foliage in a way that the guests could still see the Dinosaurs eat.

Also a great view provides the viewing area of our hotel. If you are lucky, you will see the Brachiosaurus sticking their heads out of the treetops.

We conclude the jurassic time period with our next enclosure. This is the home to a solitary Allosaurus.

Building this enclosure was a little bit tricky because the Allosaurus didn't like that much forest. So I had to hide the fences behind the hills, which wasn't that easy, because of the terrain on the map border.

Now we will see the first enclosure of the cretaceous time period: The Spinosaurus River.
This was also the very first enclosure that I built with the new terrain tools. Even though this is my first try with those new tools, I think it looks quite nice.

While building this enclosure I had the riversides of ARK: Survival Evolved in my mind.
This was also the time when I stopped hiding the feeders and set them in plain view instead, because I figured this was better for the guests to see the Dinosaurs eat.

I also realized that the new terrain tools aren't really good at hiding fences. The rocks are just way to small. The only thing that really helps covering up artificial buildings is the giant tree.

The next enclosure is the Raptor Oasis. Here I wanted to do a Desert themed enclosure with a small oasis on the side.

Sadly the feeders always change the ground textures so it was really hard to implement them in the enclosure. I had to place it near the oasis, otherwise the green spot would have looked unnatural and out of place, but I also didn't want it to delete more trees or mess with the terrain of the dunes or the oasis. So I placed it in front of the viewing gallery, for my guests to observe the feeding. It's not the best solution, but I didn't found another.

Just as promised we will now visit the cretaceous plain. Here we can observe fiercy Triceratops, curious Struthiomimis, playful Parasaurolophus and easy to anger Styracosaurus.

From the hotels we have an amazing view above the whole plain.

Just as mentioned earlier, the big tree is the only decoration that does a good job in hiding stuff, like we see here, where it hides the two hotels on the other side really well.

Next to the cretaceous plain we have the Ankylosaurus Mountain. I read in the Ingen Database that the Ankylosaurus lived in the highlands of the Hell Creek Formation, so I wanted to emulate this.

To emulate the highlands I created a small mountain lake with lots of bushes and trees. The rest of the enclosure consists of rough and rocky terrain.

Even though the decorative Items don't do a good job at hiding stuff, they really make the enclosures look way more beautiful and natural. Like here, with our Giganotosaurus enclosure.

The Viewing Gallery provides a great look at the lake, the feeder and our pair of Giganotosaurus.

Now to the highlight of every good Jurassic Park/World: The T-Rex Kingdom

Because she is the Queen of the Park, I wanted to give her all the Terrain. So she has a big lake, with a nice, sandy beach, some plain grassland and some rocky hills.

And because she is the main attraction of the Park, you'll also have a great view above the enclosure, right from the same hotel you are sleeping in.

Our Queen also dosn't mind being watched. In fact, she really enjoys the attention she is getting and tries to always present herself in a way that the guests get a good look at her. Even while sleeping.

Next to the T-Rex Kingdom we have the Cretaceous Swamp. This enclosure contains Torosaurus, Stygimoloch, Pachycephalosaurus and Edmontosaurus.

Our guests have a great view over the whole river, where all Dinosaurs meet to drink. A great observation point.

The last enclosure is, again, dessert themed. It contains Tsintaosaurus and Crichtonsaurus. I've read in the Ingen Database about the Tsintaosaurus that they lived in a dry environment, which I tried to emulate.

I learned from the mistake that I made with the Raptor enclosure. To better fit the feeders into the enviroment, I let some grass grow around the oasis, to make it look more natural.
Sadly I couldn't hide the monorail station.

And here we see the whole park as a map.

Because Monorails didn't really work with the concept of the Park, the mobility rating is pretty low, also the visibility can drop a little, if the Dinosaurs decide to wander to the more secluded areas.
Still, I think it looks quite good.

Now we're at the end of our tour. I hope you enjoyed it.

There will be some more pictures from the Park in the end and I will also post some Screenshots in the JWE Screenie(s)... thread.

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