My Obstacle Course on Isla Nublar

Hello park visitors,

I just want to take the time to show you my dino obstacle course that I have cooked up recently on Isla Nublar! Here are the four parts to it:

To further exemplify, here is a video of Spinoraptor as the participant:


Part 1, The Terrain Challenge: (0:59-5:27)

For the first challenge, simply go through the forest and plain gap. If certain participant dinosaurs refuse to go through the forest, I would use an ACU chopper to shoot the lazy dino and transfer the creature into the forest so it could find a way out.

Part 2, The Maze Challenge: (5:27-10:45)

Have your participant make their way through the maze until they reach they end. I've used feeders and water to guide the participant; however, I would only feed my dinosaur until it's half fed and/or drunk before continuing on.

Part 3: The Strength Challenge: (10:45-16:43)

While Sandbox Settings are adjusted, your dino must break at most 3 fences before the next challenge; it is acceptable to break the same type of fence more than once. The challenge can automatically end when a dino participant breaks only one hole of an electric concrete fence, and is then transported to the next challenge.

Part 4: The Combat Challenge: (16:43-27:24)

In the final challenge, your dino participant must battle under 5-6 other dinosaurs to complete the course overall. Yes, it is legal in my obstacle course to modify genomes of your dino before release at the start of the course. This part of the course contains two incubation chambers with one having Iguanodon, Crichtonsaurus, and Pentaceratops, while the other has Deinonychus, Suchomimus, and Carcharodontosaurus. You don't have to fight them all, as well as it is wise to bring a ranger with you to help heal your dinosaur, or see your dino fail.

Reward: Fame and your very own habitat, with roommates!

Time Limit: 1 Hour.

Note: If you want to know what the civilian part is made of, it's just one hotel, one restaurant, one fossil zone, one gift shop, shelters, and tall viewing galleries to keep them busy.
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