My personal feature wishlist

1. The ability to rescue guests who get themselves stuck in the dinosaur pens. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen and given how lackluster the guest AI is, they end up just running around in a constant panic bringing my rating down. It doesn't help that when they get ate or stomped on, it costs me valuable money. It'd be nice if I could get these numbskulls out of my cages with a Ranger team or something.

2. Large Fish and Live Bait feeders. There's not really a gameplay reason for this, I just think it'd be nice. I'd like to see a cow dispenser and maybe a shark pool.

3. Carnotaurus camo gene. Because the books.

4. This would probably have to be an update to the Claire DLC, but large versions of the Botany feeders? That'd be nice to have.

5. Some size adjustments for dinosaurs like the Olorotitan and Dreadnoughtus.

6. I'd really like to see packs of Compies show up in game. I know that's unlikely, but the zoo near where I grew up used to have free roaming peacocks and while the occasional parrot flying out the trees is nice I'd very much like to see something a little more Jurassic Park as far as the ambient wildlife is concerned. Some frogs hopping across paths every now and again might also liven things up a little.

Lora Craft69

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Great ideas. I want free roaming compys as well. Even if you cant create or house them and they just appear from time to time in different places in the park.
I agree. Although you can just tranq the dinos in your enclosure and open the gates. The guests will walk right out.
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