My personal problems with Elite Dangerous

I played “Elite” for over 600 hours and I recognized some small "problems" or not completely covered things. They are small but still annoying.
That is why I did make a list of these things. Together with some CMDRs:
(I don’t hate the game or Frontier , I really like the game, but I just wanted to mention these problems)

1: Full moveable bobbleheads: The bobbleheads are often behind structures of the cockpit. In our option the position are not chosen the best. An idea for this problem is that the CMDR can move the bobblehead to the position he want it and there are no fixed positions for it.

2: SRVs in multicrew. I think it would be nice to play with your multicrew on a planet in SRVs.

3: I really want to be able to use VSS while the FSD is charged. Because you can’t jump while standing still and to be able to use FSS you have to stand still, so I wouldn’t be able to jump anyway. But why then I am not able to use VSS while the FSD is charged and I am standing still?

4: Fix the chat.
4.1: I cant write a message to people in the main menu but recently it was working.
4.2: When I have a incompletet message and I jump the message gets deleted but recently it was working.
4.3: When I write a message and jump the chat gets closed.

5: Fix the hitboxes. When you drive past a guardian structure your SRV sometimes gets stuck inside the hitbox.

Discussiun would be great.
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