My personal wish-list of some MAJOR QoL improvements I believe ED could benefit from.


  1. better ship balance. it stands to reason that the higher the tier of ship the better it should be. this is not the case when a 60M T9 can get bullied by a sub 1M ship. if we never have the chance to fight head on because we cant shake them off our tail then some of the hardpoints need to be redesigned to be rear facing and operated by crew or wing members.
  2. on ships. MOAR SHIPS. nuff said.
  3. for exploration purposes i feel like we could use more FSD's capable of much larger jump ranges (30LY-50LY).
  4. FIREGROUPS are extremely limiting in combat. 2 options? Ridiculous! Mice and controllers have more options than that. At the minimum there should be 3 options. This way anyone can have a weapon for shields (pulse, burst, beam) and hull dps (multicannons, cannons frag cannons, etc). then you have heavy dps such as (mines, torps, missiles, railguns, plasma accelerators) we need more options then simply 2 options per firegroup. we should be able to M1 for lasers M2 for cannons and M3 for missiles, torps, rails, plasma, mines etc.
  5. The ability to change ships without needing to swap cargo. This is VERY unnecessary. I should be able to hold cargo in my Type-9. And when I get bored of transporting, I can swap to my Imperial Courier or Fer-De-Lance and do some bounty hunts, exploration, or sub large size cargo transports. Like many Follow-on missions require. also, let me buy a darn ship without having to automatically jump into it. or need an empty cargo bay.
  6. for that matter. it seems kind of dumb to have to track down modules and ships at respective systems. we already know that the internet exists in this future. Aisling Duvall is a media sensation afterall. why can we not simply order those things in an outfitting menu and have it shipped to the location of the respective ship? this game requires me to make use of many 3rd party tools such as Inara and Coriolis just to do the simplest of things that SHOULD be in the game. maybe not have them shipped to us. but at the least it would be nice to know where to find them.
  7. Additionally. It would be nice to simply jump to where your other ship is without having to travel to it. It is called a FLEET for a reason. Have the game assume that one of your crew is at that ship, and you simply assume the role of that crew member much like you can do with fighters in combat. This way you can leave your freighter in one place and just move to one of your other ships and do other activities.
  8. Crew wings. if you have multiple ships. You could assign crew members to assume a wing position in one of your other ships. This would be awesome for things like escorts for freighters and cruise liners, exploration, etc. maybe even other transport for increase cargo shipment.
    if you ask me. Crew members are vastly underutilized. OR hire an escort at a % of the mission profit.
  9. More fighters/SRV active at the same time for multiple crew members. As per SRV’s when a crew member is assigned to them you can have them go out and search elsewhere for other materials and such
  10. Additionally, have mining vehicles for fighter bays. So, when you are out mining you can assign crew to assist by searching, scanning and even mining in their miner scouts. Or drones. Drones would also be nice.
  11. Crew should be able to make repairs as needed while out “in the wild”. When you take module damage and it loses functionality. A crew can be assigned to make the repairs (with a timer)
  12. More crew members for the above reasons.
  13. More Modules. One that comes to mind would be counter interdiction for a utility module. For traders this would be invaluable. Heavy traders suffer from maneuverability and lack the agility to fight interdiction. So, when we get interdicted, we could have a module like chaff that attempts to break the interdiction. Another would be an interdictor for combat to reset their FSD progress before they can escape. Of course I’d expect there to be a more complex mechanic such as “safety rolls” a chance for it to fail where module tiers play a role in their effectiveness. Another would be sensor jammer and cloak fields. maybe an orbital entry assist for those who have a particularly hard time landing on planetary bases. Literally there are so many possibilities open here.
  14. Why is it that NPC’s are much better at escaping combat than us players are? They seem to take less module damage and suffer from less penalties than we do. I can’t count the amount of times an NPC has been able to escape regardless how much I am beating on them. It doesn’t make sense. An NPC can easily knock out or damage my FSD and prevent me from escaping or slow me down, yet they always seem to escape easily. what? Furthermore, I have never once knocked out their thrusters. But it has certainly happened to me, causing me to be a sitting duck.


  • route planning. An option to set up an auto route. By this I mean if I am going to be going back and forth to the same 2 destinations then it should I should have an option to make it a persistent route until I deactivate it. For example, having transport missions such as [OUTBREAK] supply missions. While playing solo I have to make multiple round trips between Folland Rings(Iktock) and Suzuki Terminal(Lumastya). It is a hassle to have to open galactic map, find the destination, go inside the system, select the destination, then set route. Each way…every….time. instead, there should be a button, or sub menu where you can plot a route between multiple destinations. Or create a flight plan to visit multiple places of interest such as missions, or just any specific systems. In stead of have a (current destination) and (target destination) there more options like this

    • [Current destination]
    • [Target destination]
    • + Add destination

    1. Once the plan is made. The course-plotting mechanic will generate the route like it already does. And then there should be an option to make this route persistent. So, once you get to the final destination, You can either choose to reverse course, or in the case of point A and point B. your course will already be arranged for you to return without you having to plot the course again.

      additionally. In the navigation section the LAST station Visited should be on the list so you can simply open nav, scroll down and select.

    2. Modules need better descriptions. Many modules are vague to their purpose and what exactly they do. Take weapons for example pulse lasers and burst lasers. By the description I can’t really tell the difference. To me it seems that in modules there is much information left out and I can’t make an educated decision on what to use. All information should be clear. Each rank of a module should have a note of how it is different then the last. You want more players. That means that some things could stand to be simplified for all people to learn easily. The easier it is to learn and understand your game the less intimidating it will be to new players. it took me a full year before I attempted to play the game again and actually learn it. At that I had to rely on a lot of 3rd party sources to learn the game and I find this to be completely unacceptable. If a company WANTS to make money they need to cater to more people. More players mean more money means more funding for future development and the game lives on. It is a bad decision to make a niche product only a small amount of people will buy into.

    3. More key bindings options. I would like to be able to bind certain functions to keys such as plot route, activate supercruise assist, request dock, night vision. If it is a function in the game, it should allow for a key binding.
    4. There are a LOT of map filters. And that is fine. But I think the filter functionality could use a minor change. The filters should act more like highlights rather than a filter. They should highlight the systems based on the filter settings while allowing the other system to remain visible and selectable as well as able to factor into route planning.
    5. Different colored bookmarks for better organizational purposes. While exploring I would like to set bookmarks of a certain type for future scanning on prime worlds such as: High metal, metal rich, water, earthlike, ammonia, etc so that when I get around to exploring, I can have a list of worlds and systems to explore further and return for FSS. Different colors for different reasons. System bookmarks should have a “make note” feature so you can hover over the marked system and read the notes to remember what they are for.
    6. The position of the clock in the HUD seems pointless. the HUD real estate could be used for more important things. Or rather give us the ability to assign certain things to the HUD such as current mission, mission progress, cargo, wanted list, etc
    7. Mission progress minor change. I feel like in the commodities menu it should only show how much you NEED to purchase. Not the total amount across all missions. If I have 7 different missions to source performance enhancers and progenitor cells totaling to [1470] & [2685] but I have already purchased and delivered 720 of each, then the market should display that I only need [750] performance enhancers and [1965] progenitor cells. not the total mission requirements. Additionally. When you have said commodity selected in that menu displayed in blue it shows the need amount again. So, there should be a button to buy said amount or if amount exceeds cargo capacity then it just fills what you can carry.

      this is all I have to suggest for right now but I am always thinking of things I could/would add/change in literally every game I play. On some points I may sound a little harsh, but it isn’t really my intention to offend anyone. So, if I do offend a developer then I sincerely apologize. This list is merely meant as some things to consider and by no means a list of demands. Additionally, I am well aware of the gap between a player and a developer. Many things suggested are most likely easier said than done and I completely understand this. A dev’s job is not easy.
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