My Planco Wishlist

Hey, everyone! I've loved every aspect of playing this game - and here are a few items I'd love to see in the game at some point.

1) Steeper drops for Log Flume/Splash Boats. I'd love to create a flume ride with a steep drop like splash mountain, Jurassic Park River Adventure, or Dudley Do-Right Ripsaw Falls.

2) The Slammer / Fly Swat flat ride from Thorpe Park.

3) More Frontier developed scenery: Don't get me wrong, the TMTK scenery has been awesome, but a lot of it doesn't fit the aesthetic of the Planet Coaster theming, so I'd love to see some more DLC scenery like Prehistoric/Dinosaur theming, maybe Greek/Roman, and perhaps an original Planco Super Hero theme.

4) Obviously, a full waterpark expansion. Wave pool, water slides, family slides, body slides, lazy river, etc - give me all of it. I'd pay 40$ for this.

5) 3D Simulator or big IMAX Cinema. I think more "digital" or experience rides could be fun.

6) On-Ride Photos and a Kiosk to sell the photos.

7) A different variety of track ride, like the Enhanced Motion Vehicle used at Disneyland's Indiana Jones ride or Florida's Dinosaur ride.

That's all for now! I'm always excited to see what Frontier develops for this game. Haven't been let down yet.
#4 won't be happening for a while if ever. It is probably too difficult to implement right now. I would love at least a dinghy slide for now.
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