Newcomer / Intro My proposed Asp X mining build, comments suggestions plz, thanks!

Asp X Mining Build

Got started on the R2R but discovered a Void Opal hotspot and decided to go back and take a shot at mining.

I got used to the fuel scoop on my R2R and had the largest one. Hopefully the smaller one will allow me to go far away too without worrying about running out of fuel.

New to mining so some of my choices could be way off/overkill. I appreciate the expert guidance I have gotten so far on the forum so please comment on my build selections.

1. The single prospector limpet selection box in my build chart is grayed out. Why is that? Nevermind it is not grayed out anymore for some reason.

2. What should I put in the empty small hardpoints, leave them empty? Mining lasers? Will run not fight if challenged or interdicted.

3. How long will I have to scoop with the smaller fuel scoop? The largest one was mere seconds to a fillup.

4. How many limpets should I load into my 40 cargo slots?
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I am not a mining expert but I believe not a lot of minors use the displacement missile. Most run (2) seismic charge launcher.

2. I would put mining lasers in the small hardpoints for standard mining.
3. The 1A fuel scoop will take you almost 30 min to refill from empty.
4. Most miners run at least half of your cargo hold if not more with limpets.
Given that you want to go core mining, I suggest instead

Rearranged some modules to give you 96t, and four collectors. As a trade off lost the fuel scoop.
You should be able to find single hotspots close to where you are selling, so 160ly range is sufficient without needing to scoop. During mining the most common issue will be slight bumps against asteroids, so the higher regen of bi-waves will help you more.
If you insist on your Asp, I'd change it like this:
Cargo racks go without comment
Yes, bi-weaves may be more useful for mining
You don't need that many limpets active for core mining - each explosion, if you do it right, will yield ~14 chunks, plus another half dozen or so you need to liberate from the Asteroid's remains with the Abrasion Blaster - which will be a bit challenging, getting the Asp's wide errmmm... backside inside there.
That gets you a size 3 slot for the fuel scoop. Not ideal, but useable.

Myself, I usually use a DBX for core mining in Colonia, and skip the fuel scoop. 350 ly range is ample. I recently also cobbled together a Keelback - slightly more cargo, somewhat lower range, but still viable for Colonia. But the smaller size and better agility of the DBX makes it more useful.
@Ashnak I am only given one choice for the fuel scoop: Level 1 I could swear I stored a level 3 it but now can't find it and there is only one to choose from now.

Must have sold it by accident, found another one at a diff station.
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Coriolis is currently broken for me, otherwise I'd share my build, but I've used the AspX extensively for core mining.

Cargo: 6 & 5
Shield: 3A
Collector: 3B (longer range)
Prospector: 3A
Refinery: 2A
That leaves a size 2 slot free. I usually add a size 2 cargo rack to bring total to 100t, but you can change for an emergency scoop. Engineered it has a jump range of around 260ly, fully laden so you rarely need a scoop if your mining in the bubble.

The nice thing about the AspX is that it can mount all mining tools: Seismic, Sub-surface, 2x abrasion blasters, 2x small mining lasers. You don't need guns when you're mining.

I tricked out an Orca (fully engineered) which I now prefer more than the AspX for core mining. Similar cargo capacity, but much faster. Only wish it could land on medium pads..
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