My review of my 12 hour Franchise mode experience.

So I enjoyed playing around with the cash buy and started with the Indian Peafowls and the Greater Flamingos. Honestly everything was working out pretty good while the park was 2 exhibits. Then I started noticing the utility decay rate. Utility decay rate is a BIIIIG WOOOOW !!!!! What I mean by this is for example, the utilities that we are forced to use are a blight to the game. I don't even repair them anymore, I just delete and install a new one. Utilities are just a complete hassle and researching power seems useless too; its cheaper to just use the $500 one and replace it with a new one. The only thing i use mechanic so far is ATM and Walls.

These issues have made the game almost unplayable at a large scale zoo. The developer of the utility assets, just go into the database and change that default decay rate DOWN so they last at least 2 years to 6 years, and you could just bump up the base price to 1K$ US or 2K. I mean common, I could do that on my lunch break for you.

So far the trading is working and I can mass release to the wild, but we need to be able to click multiple birds while being able to bring up a mini window with their stats if we want to see stats. Making 12k off 2 exhibits pretty good, farmed about 900 conservation points or something like that going for Orangutans and Chinese Pangolin exhibit next.
If you click on a utility you can go to the maintenance tab and select how often it gets checked. That prevents a lot of breaking down problems. Setting up workzones helps with that a lot too. You want your mechanic to be situated close to what you want him working on.
Thank you for the reply, I can confirm there is a routine visits drop down. Fantastic, this just got better.
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