My review of the 1.7 free patch and the new paid dlc

Hello there, i just finished playing JWE, and as before i am still thankful for the dev team for their continuous work, even though i felt a little bit unhappy about the update when it was first announced to only have camera mode + some bug fixes ( because i have Ansel ), i am quite surprised by the content we got out of it, the thing that fascinated me most is the pause/slow/normal time options which aren't all available on Ansel, i don't know if you people realise but they just gave us GUEST MODE, well not exactly that, but we get to take a tour on our parks without the jeeps or gyrospheres, but instead of walking like guests, we are supermen and superwomen, we can fly towards any direction to view our park, it is just EPIC ! This photo mode really needs some love and was underappreciated when announced, it really can open a lot of possibilities for creativity.
As for the paid dlc, i did like to have the Herrera and Protocera, but i DID NOT like that Acro, i am just more familiar with the JPOG design, and it stuck in memory as i played that game many times in my childhood, and accepting the change was like saying goodbye to those memories, and i know the JWE's Acro is probably more accurate, but i just found it extremely painful and hard to let it go. At the end, i decided to buy the dlc, and try it myself, i can only say i am going to sue Frontier, seriously because the work they did with it is too good to be true or legal , i am really gobsmacked and struck by how it turned out to be my favorite in the new dino pack, it got plenty of new animations, the one i liked most is when it stands idly, and sorts of yawns and its necks' muscles start moving, just amazing ! Not to speak of its unique vocal abilites, it was really a risky bet that Frontier just won, i also like the other two dinos, each one feels unique. I also made a remark about the fighting animations for the small carnivores, i never noticed it or paid attention to it before, it is really perfected, they keep moving around and evading each other's attacks, much better than the chess styled combat animations of the other dinos, where they just stand there and take turns in hitting each other, without showing any defensive behaviors at all. I hope they think about that in the future, for me now the small carnivores don't need to be touched in the combat department, they are just flawless ( if only i could say the same for the Procerato getting under 50% in health ).
As for the bugs, i didn't even know what was specifically fixed, i wish we get a more detailed list soon, it only bugs me that a bugging bug is still bugging the game with bugs, it is the one with the missing light rain effects on Sandbox Nulbar and Challenge mode maps, we are having it i believe before the Dr. Wu Dlc, around 5-6 months now or maybe more, and it isn't addressed yet, such a pity really.
Overall the game is on a good path, and i am hyper exited for the summer update, i just hope it won't deplete my wallet.
PS: I am still on watch for that Super Secret Dinosaur, some say it is a Euoplocephalus, i don't think so, it has to be more Super to be teased that way.
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