Ships My Ship keeps on spinning in space

Hi Commanders......

I have a problem with my ship. As I haven't been on the game for a while but now I am in space were I left off last time
and my ship is spinning I have no other controllers connected as I thought that was the problem.
Would any of you know why its doing what it does. Would really appreciate any help from Commanders that
would know Thanks guys.:)

Commander Nettie
What are you using as a control method? Controller? Maybe ghost input of sort. I know my old joystick started to roll to one side. Same can happen to a stick on a controller I suppose. It can be worn out, defective, dirty, just worn out after years of gaming :) Try in other games. Increasing deadzone is a remedy if nothing else can be done.
Have you got Flight Assist off?
That's a good call although this should only have an effect in the midst of a play session. On a relog, you ship should be completely stable. If it is not (no matter whether FA is on or off) some ghost input as mentioned by Caramel Clown must be the cause.
Thanks for your help commandeers but it was my joystick as I have A Saitak X52 Flight Controller ....its ok cause I got another one to use.............. few ( wipes Brow ) 😅 lol hmm Thanks again all

Yes, I have had that problem wit he the X52, just unplug it, then plug it back in as that causes the software to recalibrate.

I've got this issue too. Just logged in for the first time in a few months. I've got a brand new X56 and I doubt the stick is the issue. It worked fine for the few hours I played several months ago before the patch.

There's no input recognition from the stick movements. Button input and throttle work fine but the ship is stuck in a permanent clockwise spin. Opened a ticket with FDev to see if they've got insight in any software incompatibility.
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