My suggestions for improving JWE.

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As an older gamer of 32 years, I just wanted to create a post about what I think would propel either this game, or any future releases under the JWE banner. My favourite genre is building management games, and I'm pretty sure I've played them all.

Firstly I'd like to say that I'm very aware that the focus of JWE was dinosaur management and emergency control. I'll try not to add anything that's too unrealistic as a result.

As stated above, Dino management and crisis management is the main deal with JWE. You will spend all your time grinding ranger commands and grinding dig sites, with very little emphasis on park building. It's my belief with the type of player that loves these types of games that park building and creativity should never be palmed to the side. Dinos and genetics are a fine focus, but I'd certainly consider making the handling of these things more interesting, and equally focus on park creation. Players, like myself, want a creative outlet.

-Creative improvements-

Allow raised and tunneled paths. This really opens the door for wonderful designs in all tycoon style games I've touched with the feature. Also, paths above enclosures could result in guests tumbling into enclosures.

Allow us to place staff only signs and gates to block off areas from the public.

More decorative and theming items. Self explanatory.

cliff face terrain tool. Allow us to raise terrain with a flat face exposing rock, or whatever texture we paint it with.

allow placing of the entrance. This should be the first thing we do, choosing where guests enter and leave.

map designer. Allowing us to generate our own islands, and sperate building area with mountain ranges like in Sorna.

More pathway textures, and terrain painting textures.

-Park management and genetics-

New fossil finding system. What I would propose is that you place money down on a digsite, the more you place results in a higher chance of quickly sourcing a fossil that you choose. Once found, you have to choose from a list of modern animals to fill in the DNA strand, all of which will randomise a "trait" from a specific list of traits assigned to that modern animal. Once the Dino is created, you will have a base stat Dino with certain trait/s, maybe even a stat buff or nerf in some area, but every Dino will be more unique. This system will be more interesting, interactive and less grindy.

Guest details. I appreciate the guests in JWE are not really real time objects as such, but randomising the percentage of those that want to see particular dinosaurs, want particular facilities etc and showing us what they think about the park would be necessary.

Place roads for ranger use. This would allow us to design interesting "backstage" roads and areas that avoid slow driving times to respond to actions like feeder refills.

Increase the focus required on making money and financial management, to the point where decisions are at least worth mulling over in terms of risk/reward. Make financial reports more detailed.

ability to adust entry prices and ride prices.

Tone down the constant random accidents and emergencies. They should always be tied to player decisions and not just random.


Add more rides.

Make the jeep tour and the Gyrosphere unique to each other. My suggestion here is to add two new path types for the jeep, and also restrict the jeep to running outside enclosures, with a bigger radius for Dino visibility. The two new path types would be a piece that stops the car for 20 seconds for guests to view dinosaurs in hotspots, and another piece that comes with an animated gate that opens and closes. Gyrospheres can go inside enclosures due to its hard exterior for protection.

There's my two cents. So far the game is enjoyable, the dinosaurs are a real achievement and I've had good fun with the game. My suggestions above, if taken into consideration, I believe would improve the overall depth and appeal to the player base that love builders as much as I do. I'm also extremely pleased with Frontiers approach to improving JWE and their communication with the community. It's a very positive sign.
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