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Dear Park Visitors,

First of all, this is my first thread, so hello!

Secondly, because of the Cretaceous Pack being recently released, I'm currently wondering if there are going to be new dinosaur packs coming out soon? Here are some ideas for two packs that I had in theory:

A. Triassic Pack:

1. Plateosaurus: One of the most recognized plant eaters at the time that can eat from both ground and tall herb-feeders, survive in a herd of 4 and no more than 5, and can fight small carnivores including troodon, but not medium and large carnivores.

2. Coelophysis: Acts like a distinct cousin to Troodon, with the highest senses to hunt prey and find meat-feeders, and are usually semi-social with no less than 2 and no more than 4 in a pack.

3. Herrerasaurus: A fearsome predator that requires solitude, includes high offensive and defensive capabilities in hunting and fighting small and medium herbivores and carnivores, and is challenging to keep contained as it's thick armor can easily break through concrete walls in 2-3 rams.

B. Jurassic Pack:

1. Heterodontosaurus: A tiny creature from the Early Jurassic meaning "different-toothed lizard" that was once considered as an omnivore, eating both plants and small animals. Studies may consider Ornithisaurdae mostly plant-eaters, but if my theory is possible, it might have had some history hunting and fighting other small dinosaurs, and in this game, could be the only creature to be modified to both feed with other herbivores, as well as hunt goats and fight only small carnivores, but with limited combat capabilities. Either that, or it's jut another small herbivore waiting to be taken down by an Allosaurus.

2. Dacenturus: A stegosauridae herbivore meaning "tail full of point" that is armored both with plates and spikes. It should be a semi-social creature with no less than 2 and no more than 3, and is included with high defense and offense capabilities, having the possibility to kick small carnivores and whack all other medium and large carnivores.

3. Megalosaurus: One of the earliest theropods ever discovered meaning "Great Lizard," that requires solitude, has automatic quick digestion, and has the capability to hunt and fight all animals, including all small carnivores and all sauropods.

Unknown: Compsognathus: Can't survive unless if it's in a highly social pack that can hunt small to medium herbivores, and fight small to medium carnivores. (Might be too small)

I would like to hear your ideas for new dinosaurs that could fill up empty spaces to your parks!
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