My wish list for 2017

drop track with customised sequence
vekoma motorbike
family swinging coaster {Vampire chessingtone world of adventures}
mulit-moving dark ride{indiana jones disneyland California}
intamin looping coaster {indiana jones temple du perll}
UK and us fair ground rides { tango, whip, rotor, booster, twister, etc}
intamin drop tower { hurricane condor}
frog hopper

on-ride photo
gift shops
disabled entrances { disabled guest}
infinity 1/2 coaster {the smiler}
interactive dark rides {duel Alton towers}
new coaster tracks {transfer track, elevator track, drop track}
dining pieces { tables booths chairs umbrellas}
whipeout fair ground ride {planet coaster trailer}

water shows/ laser shows

just add all the coasters types from no limits 2 thank you very much please add some of these it would be great to see some of these in-game.
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Really Nice list. Planet Coaster Devs should add these ideas (Especially Shows).

I would add a few more things too this,

Coaster Types
- Intamin Looping Coaster (Colossus at Thrope Park)

Rail Types
- Every Coaster should have the option for a launch and lift. (Even if not entirely possible!)
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omg yes because soon i would like to make a fully themed thorpe park except derren browns ghost train because thats unnecessary