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The Myrmidon initiative aims to establish and enforce a peaceful first contact protocol with alien life.

To gain full access to the Discord server please leave a post on this thread with your Commander name, player group, Discord name, and favorite colour. Group leaders will be given the rank of Wing Captain. All requests will be handled in under 24 hours.

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Agies Combat Armada

Myrmidon combat specialists will be required to neutralize hostile CMDRs that seek to attack alien life. Pilots must be prepared to defend alien life even when aliens are seen as the aggressor. This will open up lore opportunities and prevent Frontier from pinning us humans as the aggressors. If we can prove that we will not strike an alien (even in self defense) and that we will even defend that alien until a peace agreement can be reached between races, then Frontier cannot say we didn't try. The Combat Armada will provide 1 week of fire support and alien protection after first contact. If we cannot reach out to GalNet or Zac by 1 week to establish peace then we will have a meeting to decide if we fight the aliens or continue to be a buffer between the races. The goal is to create as much attention as possible so the devs have to notice us. They would have to overlook our herculean efforts to blame any conflict on the human race as a whole.

We are looking for skilled PvP pilots to spearhead this branch of operations. If you are looking to have fun and make loads of enemies in the community while standing for the most noble of causes in Elite: Dangerous history then this is the job for you. You must be willing to work in a team and take orders if necessary. You will be expected to come combat fit with a somewhat optimal build.

While the Myrmidon operation is on stand-by until first contact is made I encourage you to train, build teamwork, and make friends.
You never know when you might be called upon to serve. If aliens are going to be a permanent enemy in the game then we will have plenty of time to shoot them. But we only get 1 first contact and it won't last forever. Make it count, Commander.
Diplomatic Trade Fleet

Myrmidon convoys are tasked with preparing and establishing communication efforts during the week after first contact is made. From a practical standpoint these members will gather items to be tested near alien ships. Things like Soontill relics, Unknown Artefacts, Unknown Probes, SAP 8, AI relics, and the like. Anything you think might trigger some sort of reaction. From a role-play angle the Trade Fleet will also present gifts while trying to establish some form of communication. Please record any communication attempts. If you come under fire from aliens simply run if you can. Do not fight back! We need all the evidence we can get that an attempt was made. Everything you do will put into Canonn archives for the rest of the world to see so make it count! Take screenies and record video!

During our down time this group will begin planning tests and communication methods. We are looking for smart, insightful, and creative pilots to find ways of establishing peace. You must be able to have civil debates! You must always assume responsibility for your own test ideas. You cannot make anyone do a test you came up with, unless they offer to do so. If you cannot find civility with your fellow man how will you ever find it with another species? If all goes according to plan you may need to interrupt incoming communications from the aliens.

Until first contact is made this group is advised to discuss Morse, Discovery Scanner honks, Items, In game comms channel, flight patterns (bees communicate through dance), synthesized ammonia, numbers, language, and any other tinfoil madness you lot can come up with.
Recon Explorer Flotilla

Myrmidon scouts will be at the forefront of hunting operations. Charged with making first contact these commanders will have a very important role early on. Nothing can start until the Exploration Flotilla or someone else in the community finds aliens. Should the Myrmidon make first contact we will provide evidence to show the world while keeping location a secret for testing and peace attempts.

Right now it seems that high ranking missions can trigger a Tip-Off mission that may lead to a crashed alien vessel. Should you find a vessel approach with caution and try to record video. If video is something you don't know how to do, or you lack the machine to do so simply take screenies with F10 on your keyboard. These images will be saved in your (C:)/users/<your name>/pictures/Frontier Developments folder as long as you are playing in full screen mode.

Do not burn yourself out! If you are bored or find that you are ignoring basic needs like food or sleep then please take a break. If you see a fellow Myrmidon burning out please remind them that being the first Commander to find an alien race in a video game is not worth risking anything in the real world. I would hate to lose members over time as people drop out due to stress or boredom.
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CMDR Prometheus Flux here [Xbox] (one of the advantages of Xbox, we can change our in-game names as they follow our GT's), so not Renquist as shown here.

I'm on the Discord server as well, and came over from another forum I frequent a bit more often.

I enjoy exploration, mining, a tad bit of smuggling, and long walks on airless beaches.

As I stated there... I'm up for the Myrmidon challenge. Let's not shoot first, and besides if I get blown up with my hard points retracted it will make for some great stories to tell the grandkids -- and maybe some video if I manage to record it before getting blown to smithereens. Assuming someone picks up my escape pod and hauls me back to the bubble, LOL. I know I've let a few poor souls behind at crash sites because there's only so much room on the ship... sorry mate!
CMDR Random Task reporting for duty.
home faction and proud member of: Delta Squad
current whereabouts: 25k ly from Sol passing the core
current mission: returning from DWE (beagle Point) to re stock and rearm to head out to Jaques Station to aid as an armed guard for traders, miners, and explorers.
However I will be openly available for any required missions pertaining to the Myrmidon Initiative after I have done necessary refitting and repairs.
feel free to add me in game and send me a message if im on line and if you require assistance!

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CMDR Mo'Uhn, I like what's going on. OOC I see only good things coming from a human/non-human alliance. But it could be interesting if there were different factions of whatever non-human race we make contact with. One to ally with, and one to battle (strictly for gameplay sake), but if that is not the case I would choose peaceful diplomacy every time. If indeed it is the Thargoids that make contact, I expect that they will be greatly weakened by the genetically engineered virus set against them. I imagine that first contact will be made within alliance space, since it was the alliance that initially attempted peaceful contact by smuggling the cure to the Thargoids home world in the first place.

Im not super combat oriented, and have no desire to forcefully acquire new technologies, I'd rather open up trade relations and possibly create deep space outposts to further a peaceful relationship with whatever non-human entities we come across.
Cmdr Gorgonaut here. I'm also in your discord server under same callsign.
No affiliations, no home Base. I'm not great at fighting, but I can explore. Let's find these aliens and see what we can do.
Thargoids are a threat, they allready atacked us before. We must show them that our galaxy is not for taking.

Shoot first ask questions later.

The problem with shoot first, ask questions later is that it is just more of the same gameplay. Which would just end up becoming boring, do you not want more opportunities to expand it?
Thargoids are a threat, they allready atacked us before. We must show them that our galaxy is not for taking.

Shoot first ask questions later.

This is the problem with humanity.... Assess the threat and respond accordingly.
Shoot first is such an immature ideology and is how wars get started. If you don't understand them and have to come up with a dialog how are you suppose to understand their motives?

For all we know is the story line isn't the same anymore like all the other things that have changed. This is why I want to be a part of this initiative, being with a group of people with the same outlook as I have.
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Their motives? They are not coming here on holiday.

They are already gathering data on our ships and technology and potentially even something worse....all those crashed ships and scary messages.
CMDR Magnudius reporting for duty. o7 I'm already a part of the Discord server (through Reddit), same-named.

My home base is Attilius Orbital in CD-43 11917, and I am not aligned with any major power or player group. I have experience in communicating with people that I don't share a language with; I don't know much about non-human communication. I'm an average skilled player across all four skill ranks. Just two days ago I began contributing to EDSM after reading this Galnet News piece, so I am freshly enthused and off exploring.

They are already gathering data on our ships and technology and potentially even something worse....all those crashed ships and scary messages.

That makes me think they are already capable of destroying us, so let us surprise them with peace and save ourselves.
CMDR Ratking15 Lone Crazy Man with what he claims is an year Old UA and getting older, addicted a bit to the colour blue from maybe the colours of the UA, tries to help the Canonn.
CMDR Lennon (and Lennon on Discord), an imperial who is also a Rifter and sometime flyer for Canonn. I'm. In a purple mood.
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Naturally I didn't fully read the start post properly, apologies, I blame a faulty retinal implant.
Cmdr Edan Anderas (Discord and Cmdr Name)
Canonneer/CoR operative
Preference for long range exploration and logistics - good for Cannon Fodder if need be too.
Partial to Emerald Green or various deep shades of blue or purple
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