CMDR Mykl Atrum reporting.
Member of Canonn Interstellar Research Group but operating as an independent Myrmidon so that any negative actions will not affect the Canonn.
Hybrid role as needed. But exploration scout first and foremost. Granted I already explore with guns. So those can easily be adapted to the situation at hand.
Purple is the only true color.
Cmdr Jack Shaftoe signing up. Same name in the Canonn forums as well as Discord. I fly with the AEDC, but have long loved mysteries, and have been watching the good work the Canonn have been doing trying to get to the bottom of the various unknowns out there. Whether or not first contact will be peaceful or not depends on the other species as much as it does us, but I'm willing to do my part to ensure our species isn't the one to draw first blood. My favorite colour is Alliance green, of course. Keeping an eye to the sky...
Week 1 summary:
Announced initiative on the website. Established this thread on the official frontier group forums. Created the discord server and managed to get basic functionality set up. The debut on r/UnknownArtefacts, r/eliteone, r/Canonn, and r/EliteDangerous was a success and we've managed to pull in ~170 members to the discord server in less than 1week. This thread is going along nicely as well. The #mission channel is set up and the second post in this thread matches it word for word. The ranks on the server have been established and the channels are set to evolve as we need them (nothing set in stone) just added the feature for members to choose their own colour as well. The only real issues this week came from people reuploaded images they found on r/Canonn to r/EliteDangerous without providing a source. A real shame as one image got 30,000 views and another over 10,000 and was even featured in the newsletter without any credit given to Canonn. Lesson learned: water mark everything! People on the Internet can be jerks.


Week 2 goals:
Once my brother gets home from an air show I want him to fix up the topic post a bit. I'd also like to alter the #gnosis channel on discord to include more information in less words than its current state. The goal is to make this threads topic post and the #gnosis channel to sync up word for word. I need to add channel descriptions and make some minor changes to the links in existing channel descriptions. The advertising goal this week will be to reach out to other player groups over discord and get the word out to those communities within the Elite crowd. I feel like reddit needs a bit of a cool down before we start pushing the Myrmidon name again on various subreddits. Videos and PSAs are something I'd like to look into but for now my time is limited so I think player group discords will be an easy focus for week 2. Who knows what else will happen, here's hoping for another successful week!

Been a long day, and an even longer first week. Lots of errors in the above text but I'm too tired to fix anything lol I'll try harder next time. Thanks for the support and I'll try to continue building the initiative :) let me know if I can help or answer questions! Two notable events this week are the massive support from the Paladin Consortium and the Myrmidon initiative being feature in an article by Rock Paper Shotgun! Thanks to Delmonte and Outspan for letting FDev know about the initiative at Lave Con. Seems frontier already know who we are! I look forward to the future and thank everyone who's been involved so far.

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Commander Loopus77 of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corp, signing the petition and enrolling for the Diplomatic Trade Fleet.

We need a first contact protocol. We need an open forum of discussion. We need to reach a diplomatic accord with our galactic brothers. We all die the same, so we need to help each other in this galaxy. Our Thargoid brothers and sisters are ever welcome in AEDC space!
CMDR Julian Winter here. Quite new to Elite, explorer mostly. My OOC background is mathematics so looking forward to getting involved with this! And certainly love the idea of non-hostile first contact.
CMDR Flameon985 reporting in, member of AEDC, mostly a trader but have the assets to get a good exploration ship, have a Cutter fitted for trade and an FdL fitted for combat. #D19FE3 is the one colour.
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CMDR Sheepy776 and just Sheepy776 on discord. Im quite a noob so please pardon any stupid remarks i make. Im signing up for the combat armada because thats what ive had the most experince with. My favourite color is yellow btw.
This is Commander AeonPrime, representing the Elite Aisling Duval Discord community. Signing up for science and defense if fecal matter hits the fan. Lots of Dakka in case the first contact goes south. Discord colour would be light blue, for the Princess of course.

The AD community fully supports the Myrmidon First Contact Group and is willing to help with the aquisition of new UP's. Operation Achilles is scheduled for later today to obtain new scientific samples.

Feel free to contact us on
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CMDR Nebuchanezeer (in game name)
nebuchaneZeer - Discord name (normally light orange in most of the discords Iam in)

Iam primarily an Explorer and would hope there can be a peaceful outcome to an encounter with the thargoids (or any other species)
The Jolly Roger Robbery company has decided this operation presents many commercial opportunities. Sign me up.

Cmdr name is Ouberos in game and on Discord. I can combat but my real talent is Recon and Infiltration. Sign me up for the Explorer and Recon fleet. The Jolly Roger will be refitted and Ill be underway just as soon as I've fenced this gear I acquired the other night.

Jane Turner

Volunteer Moderator
Communism Interstellar have taken a proudly non-hostile and inquisitive stance with respect to non-human life forms. We will continue this.
In Game Name: DeltaCentauri
Discord Name: KittTheBrit
Preffered name colour on discord: yellow

I am a part of both the Fuel Rats and Ghost Legion and I join this on my own iniative, I have recieved no orders from either although I know other Fuel Rats are joining the cause. I bear no leadership rank in either of them but I have been a rat for 7 months and have the record for the closest rescue (client was on 0 seconds of emergency oxygen when I successfully refuelled him).
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