Hello there,

I'm Nene, aka Commander Elfrida Goto. I've been running audio analysis for Myrmidon, and Canonn, for a couple of days now. You can find me on Discord as "Nene [Cmdr Elfrida Goto]" and my favourite colour is purple
I'm currently some way outside of the bubble, but keeping a close eye on things, and fly a Cobra Mk III rigged for exploration and mission survivability.

I'm looking for audio recordings of Unknown Probes responding to a discovery scanner honk. I would like to gather them from as many locations in star systems around Merope, and up to a few hundred Ly away from it in all directions. If you have them, please PM me on Discord.

Fly safe commanders.
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(Those are lower case L)

Discord name is the same.
Colour: Purple

I'm one of the Council members of Lavigny's Legion.
Greetings Cmdrs,
My name is Cmdr Firecat, Discord id Rssblade(Cmdr Firecat) , allied with "The Hammers of Slough" and tend to be independent in most areas, having adopted a shoot first, ask questions later approach in dealing with first contacts, I think perhaps a more Friendly approach might be needed with a new race/species/intelligence.(preferred colour blue)
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Cmdr Myshka here, hoping (and willing to work) for a peaceful first contact with any alien life we may find. Green is good.

Completely independent at present but will align/support factions whose goals and philosophies match my own.

Currently still on a deep space exploration mission but carrying a selection of rare trade goods in case of encountering intelligent life.

Edit: what vetting process do we have to ensure no trigger happy thugs infiltrate the group to try and get alien locations out of us, assuming we're the ones to achieve First Contact?
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Commander Admiral Spoon signing in. Discord name SpoonLoeffel.
Favourite colour is Green. And the only faction I am with is me, myself and I.
I haul mostly cargo and peaceful contact with another species might offer new trading opportunities.
CMDR FoshingtonIV here. Nick in the discord is the same, actual discord name is cowboybuttsdrivemenuts. I uh...guess my favorite color is yellow. I don't really follow a faction, but I tend to support democracies wherever I see them. I don't have much experience with this sort of thing, but I figure I'd better get involved in something as big as this! Don't want to have to worry about a war with aliens when we've got enough problems as is.
Hello everyone!!!

I'm Frigna the Hutt, in game e in discord the same.

I'm the wing leader of DaVinci Corp. We participated at DWE, Formidine Rift and collaborate with CoR and we are very pleased to join this new chapter in the history of elite.

Favorite colour: blue
CMDR Lennia, same on Discord, violet please. Beginning first deep space exploration mission, and want to be prepared in case of contact.
Good day everyone! Cmdr. Maximilian Reach reporting for beauty!

Imgame: Maximilian Reach
Discord: Maeyae
Fav Colour: blue
Faction: TIIQ (Empire)

ED: Career highlights: Trade and Exploration Elite, 3 times Beagle Point visitor and official owner of the Distant Worlds Decal.
Motivation: There can't be a war. We need to establish a peaceful first contact. And I would rather die trying then start a war out of fear. Looking forward working with you guys! Hit me up ingame or @maeyae42 on twitter. o7
What I bring to the table: Curiosity, 1.6b assets and the capability to record in 4k @ 60fps if needed.
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