Elite / Frontier Mysterious ship

"Mysterious" Ships in Elite Plus

Most "mysterious" ships in Elite Plus seems being Cougar and Constrictor. Few screenshots:

Cougar (Wolf 20Cr)

View attachment 3574Constrictor2.png
Constrictor (Wolf 20Cr)

Both can be seemingly encountered only in Mask Device ('Cloaking Device') mission...

Where you must fight against them indefinitely until you have destroyed all 3 masked Asp Mk.2 you meet after next jump to a new system. One of Asps carry and release mask device in Cargo Canister. Pick it, get the Device. All ships are slightly more tough to kill then wolves usually.

View attachment 3576Mask Device - Task Complete Message.png
Emergency Message initiating the task and Completion Message after successfully accomplished task
'Constrictor' mission in Elite Plus is then other topic...
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CMNDR ARS.E, I am skinning this model and putting the ship into my copy of Oolite. I will capture an image of it in flight for you. I should make a pretty neat avatar.
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