Track Rides Mystic Manor Recreation

Hey guys :) Since the last update we're now able to stop train on track... and that awsome !
I just wanted to show you how I used it to recreate the layout of Mystic Manor.


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Wow, very nice! This must've been a lot of work.

I guess it's 4 different rides, synched to each other, and all the stations are hidden underground at the right?

Looks great, now let the theming begin? [haha]
Yeah I spend practically 20h on it 😅... You've right there is 4 stations hidden on the left. And yeah the theming is coming but I'm bad at theming 😓 I'll try my best 😉

Thank you 😄


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Very nice layout, and good work on using 4 rides merged together!

Good luck with the theming! I look forward to see the progress and the result :)
Hey, just here to post few news :) Sorry I'm really not fast :(

The Station take form :

The First scene too :
Room 1.jpg

First Effects :
Room 1.2.jpg
Room 1.3.jpg

Do you like it ? :/
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