Parks Mythica - Land of Myths and Legends

Update 14

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Mythica!

This week we'll be theming the first room you travel through with the coaster and lay down the ground work to make a station. The station will tie all the loose ends in this area together!






Update 15

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to an all new episode of Mythica!

It's finally time to build the station of The Librarians Apprentice, there is some real mystery going on there :w00t: Also we'll be building a small show before you'll plunge into the second launch and work on some of the Grand Library's exterior :n00b:






Update 16

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to Mythica

This week we can finally breathe as we move outdoors to theme the outside part of The Librarians Apprentice. This will form the gateway into the Greek section of the park!






Update 17

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to a new episode of Mythica!

Get your guard up as we'll be building a watch tower that glooms over you when you enter the queue of Zeus. This will be the only part of the queue that will be visible as the rest will be hidden underground 😱 And it provides some excellent views on The Librarians Apprentice.

Zeus is the new coaster added to the Park and as everything in Mythica it comes with it's own story, click on spoiler to read 😬

This dreadful place has been holding Zeus for a couple of years now. Zeus hates it. One day these weird people calling themselves Librarians showed up with a strange device. Before they even knew what was happening the Librarians placed a device in Olympus. As it started, people began to flee but not all of them were that lucky.

The ones left behind are all stuck in here, including Zeus. Everything looks the same but the people that brought life into the city are all gone. Except a handful of people that were important to the Librarians. They’ve been kept sedated in some kind of simulator. They have the slightest idea of what is happening.

Zeus is also being kept sedated but his power allows him to have bright moments from time to time. Not that the Librarians are aware of that and he likes to keep it that way. However searching for a way out in his brief moments haven’t brought up any luck so far.

Today he found a portal at the border of the city, looking back in a brief moment of doubt he decides to go through it. He ends up in this weird open area with only a weird black substance on the floor. No time to waste. He wakes up his power climbing up into the sky to try and reach Olympus.

Suddenly he feels that he is being pulled back. He realizes that the Librarians have got him stuck in a certain perimeter around the Library. Zeus grows furious and soars down, going left to right, up and down trying to find a way out. Tired of his endeavors he feels that the sedation is taking over again.

The Librarians can’t know about this or they’ll know he is awake. With a heavy heart Zeus makes his way back to the temple, through the portal and back into sedation. Go with Zeus on his attempt to get away. Maybe you’ll find an escape that he has not yet seen.






Update 18

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another Friday and another episode of Mythica!

This week we'll be going into the depths as we start on theming the queue of Zeus. Which will actually be below the station itself. When standing outside you'll be wondering where the hell the queue of this ride is going. Well you're about to find out.

As for the queue theming itself, I wanted to make it all very confusing. Going from the throne room to the vaults and then outside again. After all the temple is a prison for Zeus and the Librarians need to keep him sedated and confused...






Update 19

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Mythica

We're covering up the whole queue of Zeus in this episode as we'll be finishing the last part and build the entire station on top of it. The queue already becomes harder and harder to see from the outside!






Update 20

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Mythica!

It's already the 20th episode which also means that there is a showcase of ep 11-20 coming up next week :D Can't wait to show you guys everything in some more detail!

Anyway for this episode we'll tidy up the station by filling in the gaps that still exsist on the borders of the walls. This will also add the finishing touch to the queue. We'll also be making the portal that Zeus has found in his attempt to escape and even start on building a transfer track!





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Update 21

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to Mythica!

I hope you've all enjoyed the showcase of ep 11-20 that I uploaded last week. Now that we're all up te speed and had a quick look at what's been build it's time to continue.

In this episode we'll focus on the storage building of Zeus and it's surroundings including a transfer track!






Your park looks amazing! Love the indoor themeing. Amazing hypercoaster & support work.
Thank you, there is more indoor coming up in a few episodes. But for now a bit of exterior ;)


Update 22

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Mythica

It's time for some Ice cream as we're building our first shop and terrace on the water!!

Also you'll be able to see parts of the new water coaster Aigaion as we'll be building alongside it's track!






Update 23

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome to another episode of Mythica.

This week we'll embark on a new story as we're starting on theming the queue for the new ride Aigaion! To read the story click on the spoiler link ;)

Aigaion – God of violent Seas (Watercoaster)
Amids the most brutal storms the Librarians found the Titan called Aigaion also known as the God of Violent Seas. He however knew they were coming and unleashed his full power as soon as he saw them. The Librarians were smarter as they send one of their own around the other way to surprise him. They were able to capture him using the Chronos.

To hold this powerful entity the Library had to think outside of the box. They created a building that was able to absorb his powers and prevent him from escaping. The Librarians themselves do not dare to go anywhere near him as he will cast out everyone who enters his domain.

Aigaion has resided in the structure for quite some time but strange things seem to happen. The building is starting to show cracks. It would seem that Aigaion might not be contained for much longer. Rumor even has it that Hades has taken residence in the vaults of the structure. Using his power to aid Aigaion.

Join the Librarians on their investigation and see what is causing the decline of the structure. But be careful not to encounter Aigaion, he is furious and will use everything in his power to cast you out.

In other news. I've started a contest on Discord! The assignment is to build a dark ride with a mythical theme, no rules attached. You can use any game you want! If you win you'll get a tour through Mythica, funfact the Greek area is already finished in real time ;) So you'll see a lot of new things! Join the contest here:






Update 24

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to Mythica!

This week we'll going dark and possibly get wet as we're building catacombs for the queue of Aigaion. I hope you aren't afraid of rats cause they might dwell in here. The catacombs is a passageway to be able to get into the residence of Aigaion, this way I hope to incorporate the story into the queue :D






Update 25

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Mythica!

This week we'll be finishing up the queue of Aigaion and build its station. After that we'll be making the necessary preparations to hide the whole station underneath another flatride!






Update 26

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Mythica

After finishing up the queue last time it's time to build the first scene of Aigaion. I still have to count in the flatride that comes on top of the ceiling but since the track is going down I got some room to play with;






Update 27

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to Mythica.

This week we'll finish up the first scene of Aigaion up until the first lifthill. After that we'll cover the entire scene up by placing the flatride Pershephone and it's queue on top of it. Making this whole section quite a surprise and I hope that I can keep it very immersive. I also want everyone to look around and keep getting awed by all that is hidden behind the scens :D






Update 28

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Mythica!

This week we're bound to get wet as we start theming around the big splash of Aigaion. We'll also building a bridge across the water towards a new watchtower!






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